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How to Block Addons.Mozilla.Org /Referral in Google Analytics

This page was created to explain what is the Addons.Mozilla.Org /referral traffic in Google Analytics and help users block it.

In case that you’ve had a close encounter with Addons.Mozilla.Org, then you most probably know how annoying it can be and what a mess it can create with your Google Analytics statistics. This is common referral spam, which troubles many website owners all around the world and on this page will reveal a working method that may help you get rid of it. When it comes to managing your website, you probably know how important the statistical data is, especially if you rely on it to create your online strategy or to develop your online based business. Referral spam like Addons.Mozilla.Org can really create chaos in the real data by making fake visits and polluting your website statistics with unreal traffic. If you want to effectively remove this annoying spam, then the guide below may be of help. Just read all of the information carefully and proceed to the instructions. 

What is Addons.Mozilla.Org?

Referral spam is nothing new. In fact, this type of annoying spam has been used by spammers from quite some time now; however, it has gone through a bit of evolution over the years. The classic referral spam, where spammers use bots and crawlers to create fake visits to your website, was widely distributed a few years ago. Fortunately, Google managed to restrict this type of spam effectively and now it is a less encountered problem. However, its new evolved form – Ghost spam – is the burden of many website owners nowadays. Addons.Mozilla.Org is one such form spam, which uses advanced methods to target websites and mess up their traffic and unfortunately, Google is still struggling to find an effective solution for it. Ghost spam creates absolutely fake visits without the need of bots or crawlers. It directly pollutes your Google Analytic by manipulating it statistics with unreal traffic. This way, you may see thousands of visits from the spamming site in your data, without actually having any.

Can Addons.Mozilla.Org be dangerous?

Blocking the referral spam is really the recommended course of action, mostly due to the fake data it creates, this way making you unable to have reliable statistics about your website. However, if you are concerned about your website security, we need to say that you don’t have real reasons to worry. Addons.Mozilla.Org is not malicious and does not pose any specific threat to your site. Its presence won’t harm your real website ranking or the actual site visits you have. But faking your statistics may really be misleading, especially if you rely on this data to build your website’s online presence and strategies. That’s why if you want to block it, you can follow the instruction in the removal guide below.

What is referral spam used for?

Creating fake traffic is one sure way to make people curious and gain clicks and site visits back. Spammers use this method to make site owners visit the spamming page and in this way generate traffic and better ranking for themselves. By targeting thousands of websites and creating fake visits, the spammers effectively intrigue the website owners to personally click and check what this page that visits them so much is. This single action of curiosity is enough to create a huge traffic and promote the spamming site and boost up its ranking. This is a pretty unfair method to climb up in the ratings and Google is trying to restrict it as much as possible.

Does the Referral Exclusion List work for blocking Addons.Mozilla.Org?

A handy tool that probably most website owners have heard about is the Referral Exclusion List. Most people turn to it as a solution to the annoying referral spam and indeed it is, but only for the classic spam, which uses bots and crawlers. Handling Ghost spam, however, requires a different approach. In fact, using the Referral Exclusion List for handling Ghost spam is a terrible mistake and here is why. If you put Addons.Mozilla.Org in the list, the system will automatically try to trace back its visits. But the thing is that such visits have never happened since they are not real, but fake. That’s why the system will get confused and will mark them as real visits, this way counting them as traffic. Of course, this will pollute your statistics more, so we don’t recommend you use the exclusion list if you want to effectively solve the problem with Addons.Mozilla.Org. The removal guide below contains a different solution, which will offer you a better way to get rid of the spam. Give it a try and let us know about the outcome.

Remove Addons.Mozilla.Org referral spam

STEP 1: In your Analytics account go to Admin —> All Filters.

pic 1(1)

STEP 2: Next, click New Filter and add Addons.Mozilla.Org in the Filter Name value.

STEP 3. Select the Custom Filter Type. In the Filter Field —> Campaign Source. In the Filter Pattern text box, add Addons.Mozilla.Org and click the Save button at the bottom of the webpage.

Pic 2(1)

Blocking Addons.Mozilla.Org referrer spam through .htaccess

If you know how to access your .htaccess file, you just need to input the following code in there:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} Addons.Mozilla.Org [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} Addons.Mozilla.Org
RewriteRule .* - [F]

If you don’t know how to access it, do the following:

Login to your cPanel account —> File Manager —> click the check-box “Document Root for—> your website. A side note: click on “Show hidden Files” and then Go. Find the .htacess file, right click it and choose Code Edit. Input the code I gave you and Save Changes.

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