Amazon Survey Scam

Amazon Survey Scam

Amazon Survey Scam is page-rerouting software that is essentially not malicious and is mainly designed to redirect users’ search queries to pre-defined web locations. Amazon Survey Scam can typically display different click prompts, pop-up messages, ads, banners and sponsored links all over the web browser’s screen in an attempt to make web users interact with them.

Amazon Survey Scam

A sample Amazon Survey Scam pop up window.

The following article has been created to answer all the questions that you may have regarding Amazon Survey Scam, including the methods to successfully remove it from your Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari or any other browser that might have been affected.
In general, Amazon Survey Scam is classified as a browser hijacker and its potentially intrusive pop-ups ads and unwelcome web browser changes are probably what is causing your recent web surfing disturbance. You may have noticed that your main search engine has been replaced with a different one and the homepage URL has been modified to another domain. Or, you may have already experienced some random automatic redirects to sites that you never had the intention to visit. To help you solve these problems and get rid of the unwanted changes, below we have included a removal guide and some safety tips that may be worth your attention if you want to keep browser hijackers like this one away from your computer in the future.

Amazon Shopper Survey

Amazon Shopper Survey is a type of software that most often shows various pop-ups, banners, pop-unders and other sponsored web ads on your screen, without your consent. The Amazon Shopper Survey browser hijacker will open new browser windows and tabs, install new browser components and in general “hijack” the settings of your main web surfing program.

Amazon Shopper Survey

The Amazon Shopper Survey Scam will display pop up ads and messages.

When you first meet Amazon Survey Scam, you can easily mistake it for a redirect virus or some form of malware simply because its ad-generating activities are typically very aggressive. Usually, it is very hard to remove the pop-up messages that this software generates, let alone to uninstall the browser modifications it has imposed. In reality, however, Amazon Survey Scam is nothing more than an irritating source of web browsing distraction that floods the screen with pay-per-click ads and page-redirect prompts that are hard to close.

Unlike real computer threats, from the rank of Trojans, Ransomware and other viruses, this program is generally harmless and cannot perform any destructive actions while on your computer. Still, if such a browser hijacker is left in the system for long, it may compromise the computer’s overall performance. The different ads the hijacker tries to display can consume a large portion of the system’s resources which can lead to unresponsiveness to other commands, significant lags and sudden crashes of the web browser that has been hijacked. Such issues, though not fatal for the system, can definitely be irritating and can be a good reason to uninstall a program like Amazon Survey Scam.

Some security experts also question the quality of the promoted advertisements and the web links to which the browser hijackers typically reroute user searches. Unfortunately, there are web locations full of unreliable content (including pages that distribute viruses, Ransomware, Trojans and other malware) and programs like Amazon Survey Scam may redirect unsuspecting web users to such locations thanks to their random clicks. Fortunately, we have prepared a guide to support you in removing Amazon Survey Scam and saving you from the irritating pop-ups and an accidental click on a questionable link. Follow these steps and you’ll soon be hijacker-free.


Name Amazon Survey Scam
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Amazon Survey Scam Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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