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Trojan.gen.npe.2 Virus Removal (Sept. 2019 Update)

[ratings] This page aims to help you remove the Trojan.gen.npe.2 Virus. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows. In this report, we are going to talk about the so-called Trojan horses and their representative, Trojan.gen.npe.2...

Mac Virus

Adobe Flash Player Virus Mac

  The Adobe Flash Player Virus The Adobe Flash Player Virus is a type of Mac malware that hijacks the main browser and introduces ad-generating elements to it. The ads generated by the Adobe Flash Player Virus typically redirect to sites that...



Trojan-spy.win32.agent.gen Trojan-spy.win32.agent.gen is a malicious program that could be programmed to perform different illegal and malicious operations once within the infected computer. To make a long story short, this virus is a Trojan Horse...

Browser Hijacker

Exinariuminix Virus

Exinariuminix Exinariuminix is a browser hijacker. Exinariuminix may customize the ads it creates according to the results of this research, thus showing you only the pop-ups that advertise products you might like. Is there anything unusual going on...



Win32:Malware-gen The term “Trojan Horse” is a term you have already likely heard. Nowadays it is used for to refer to viruses that belong to a malware group that appears harmless in the beginning, or acts in an unnoticeable way. However, most of...


JS:Miner-Q Trojan Removal

This page aims to help you remove JS:Miner-Q Trojan. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows. We are publishing this article because the number of the infections caused by a newly-reported Trojan Horse virus known as JS:Miner-Q...

Browser Hijacker

Check-now.online Virus

This page aims to help you remove the Check-now.online Virus. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows. Check Now Online Check-now.online is one of the latest pesky page-redirecting...