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Block китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam In Google Amalytics

If you are wondering what exactly китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam is and why it is flooding your website’s statistics – well then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve written this article in order to provide detailed information on what китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam is, as well as the means to deal with it.

What you are dealing with is a shady operation that spams referrals in order to promote the website you are seeing. This is a new scheme created and developed for the sole purposes of search engine optimization. It has been getting worse over the past two years and it is a recurring problem for many fledgling websites. Don’t worry – spam created in favor of китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam will not have any negative impact on your own site – bar interference of your statistics as provided by Google Analytics. Referral spam can be adequately blocked with the proper measures (more on that later). However, before you implement anything it is worth spending a minute or two on learning more about this type of threat and what you can expect from it.

Why do they do it?

Most search engines use a form of link counter – the more links a site has the better it is ranked in the search engine. A number of hackers and semi-legal software companies provide the service of the so-called referral spam – the client pays them and they create a large amount of 100% bounce visits to outbound sites that originate from the beneficent site. Any website that publishes its access logs (including the referrer statistics) will inadvertently create a link to the originating site – in this case китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam. This method is usually done with the help of a vast bot network of slave computers. Many people do not even realize when their computer has been infected and is participating in such a network.

Naturally, this referral spam strategy is strongly discouraged by search engine owners, but so far no global adequate solution has been discovered. Google is definitely working on finding a solution, but so far sites who have been targeted by a referral spam must take measures to deal with the problem on their own. This is also the main purpose of this article – to help you set up your own filters and block the access of китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam to your computer.

Does китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam harm my internet traffic?

Fortunately, referral spam does not appear to hinder your internet traffic or the loading speed of your website. The main problem with it is that is will pollute your google analytics. The sooner you set up filters to block this traffic the better.

  • IMPORTANT! You may already be aware of the function known as “Referral exclusion list”. DO NOT USE IT! It will not solve your problems – if anything it will only make it worse as the traffic from the spam bots will be recorded as direct traffic in your Google Analytics.

Another piece of good news is that the Google ranking system is no way connected to google analytics – it was confirmed by a Google official last year. Blocking китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam from showing up in your Google Analytics is done solely for the benefit of your statistic’s accuracy/

What sites are most often targeted by referral spam?

No site is perfectly safe from such an attack, but some are more vulnerable than others. if your site is hosted by a cheap hosting company, if you are running a large affiliate marketing operation or if you are using a customized CMS/shopping cart – all of these could be potential weak spots that the bots could target. We really have nothing against cheaper hosting alternatives, but the reality is that they usually don’t keep their filters up to date.

Remove китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam referral spam

STEP 1: In your Analytics account go to Admin —> All Filters.

pic 1(1)

STEP 2: Next, click New Filter and add китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam in the Filter Name value.

STEP 3. Select the Custom Filter Type. In the Filter Field —> Campaign Source. In the Filter Pattern text box, add китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam and click the Save button at the bottom of the webpage.

Pic 2(1)

Blocking китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam referrer spam through .htaccess

If you know how to access your .htaccess file, you just need to input the following code in there:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} китай.с.новым.годом.рф Referral spam
RewriteRule .* - [F]

If you don’t know how to access it, do the following:

Login to your cPanel account —> File Manager —> click the check-box “Document Root for—> your website. A side note: click on “Show hidden Files” and then Go. Find the .htacess file, right click it and choose Code Edit. Input the code I gave you and Save Changes.

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