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Block Referral Spam in Google Analytics

This page aims to help you block the referral spam in Google Analytics. If you are asking the question what is, we are here to help you get some clarity on the subject. Also we are aiming to show you how to block in Google Analytics.
First things first – you can rest easy that this is not a computer virus per se, so you don’t need to worry about your security. is “just” a referral spam and is going to mess with the accuracy of your webpage’s Google Analytics statistics. Referral Spam Referral Spam Redirect

What led you to this article, we assume, is you have taken notice of the unusually high percentage of referrals related to that can be witnessed on your webpage’s statistics in Google Analytics. If you have gone curious, understandably so, and tried to open this web address you would notice that instead you are being redirected to another web page – If you have not then we have provided an image of the site in question.

What is important to comprehend here – these referrals have no real bearing to your website as evidenced by the absurdly high bounce rate. The bad news is this can severely compromise the accuracy of your Google Analytics readings especially if left unattended over a prolonged period of time. It is one of the aims of this article to show you how to fix this issue but also to provide you, dear reader, with more information about this increasingly common problem. So have some patience and learn more about referral spam in Google Analytics. It is very possible you will be faced with this problem again in the future.

If you remember when we tried to open the web address we were instead redirected to As you can see in the image above this is a site that promises “Fast, secure, reliable web hosting that starts at just $2.95 a month”. We have no idea if this website is really providing hosting for $2.95 a month and frankly it doesn’t really matter. This is beside the point, what is important to understand is by means of redirecting users is generating traffic for This is what we like to call “promotion on the cheap”. Your analytics results are getting messed with as a result of this unsavory practice. Another important information for you – this is not a computer virus, you cannot remove it from your Chrome, Firefox or any browser for that matter.

You might be dealing with Both Crawlers or Ghost Referrals Spam, either way what you are experiencing is an ever growing issue for Analytics based statistics, this is especially the case around times of consumer goods promotions like Christmas, Easter, New Year or Black Friday which is right around the corner.

What is

With the resurgence in recent times of the Google Analytics Spam Referrals a plethora of different tools have been developed to help users remedy their problem. Unfortunately not all are working as intended and some might even worsen your analytics issues instead of fixing what is broken. Here are some observations and suggestions for you to consider:

  • Sever side fixes are not a solution to your problem. Possible remedies here include Web-config and Wordpage plugins. They will not help you stop the ongoing spam however as the spam never really reaches your web address. All this extra code might instead slow down your web site.
  • Another possible solution that has been tried before to a varying degrees of success is blocking the referral spam from reaching your page, the problem here is the spam might just be transferred into direct traffic making it very hard to distinguish between real traffic and ghost traffic.

We have complied a short but complete guide how to best accomplish an end to your referral spam headache.

Remove referral spam

STEP 1: In your Analytics account go to Admin, then All Filters.

pic 1(1)

STEP 2: Next, click New Filter and add in the Filter Name value.

STEP 3. Select the Custom Filter Type.  In Filter Field, find and select Campaign Source in the list. In the Filter Pattern text box, add and click the Save button at the bottom of the webpage.

Pic 2(1)

Blocking referrer spam through .htaccess

If you know how to access your .htaccess file, you just need to input the following code in there:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER}
RewriteRule .* - [F]

If you don’t know how to access it, you need to do the following:

Login to your cPanel account, then click on the File Manager icon, then search around and click the check-box called “Document Root for” and click on your website. A side note: click on “Show hidden Files” and then Go. Then simply find the .htacess file in the list, right click on it and choose Code Edit (and again click edit if you are asked). From then on input the code I already gave you and Save Changes. Check if everything works properly and when you are sure, click close.

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