Bluteal Trojan

This page aims to help you remove Bluteal Trojan. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

In the paragraphs that follow you are about to learn more about the Bluteal malware virus in detail. They also show the problems that may occur when being infected with such virus. We have also attached a special Removal Guide made to help you remove the Trojan from your PC.

What type of software is Bluteal Trojan to be exact?

The Bluteal is a representative of the Trojan malware group. Talking about malware, is a very-widely spread malware category that has been around for quite some time and is also one of the most commonly encountered cyber threats.

Such an infection can be so subtle that it can easily mislead you in its real plans and intentions. Moreover, there are many different versions of Trojans. They are members of the same family because they usually get exploited by cyber criminals for infiltration of PCs in a secret way.

What is more, this is where their well known name originates from – they attack their victims secretly. The most common infections are the ones caused by Trojans, and if you are presently dealing with such a dangerous malware, we advise you to keep on reading in order to find out what you ought to do so as to save your PC.

Bluteal might be found inside:

Basically, there are no concrete places, where this sort of a malicious product might be lurking. More precisely, there are lots of different methods Bluteal could put into use so as to invade your PC.

More often, a contamination might occur if you “come into contact” with any of the following: malicious online ads, emails (with infected attachments), webpages which distribute shareware, illegal/pirated software or videos or movies. Some Trojans might also be able to exploit weaknesses in your system and software vulnerabilities that some of your programs might have.

To see things clearly, you should be aware that such weak spot may be the lack of an antivirus program. Always remember our best safety tip:

*It is generally a better idea to pay for the license of a top-quality anti-malware program than to pay for cleaning your system from viruses after it has already been contaminated.

How to remove a program like Bluteal?

Our team, as always, has just the perfect resolution for all of these horrible situations. All you need to do is check our Removal Guide down below. We can’t fully guarantee that it will solve the problems entirely but it is undoubtedly worth giving it a try.

What can this Trojan be used for?

Trojan horses have many purposes, as mentioned above, but we are not able to list all of them in this article so we will just stick to the ones that are considered to be the most common. Keep in mind that these purposes are not the only ones and your case may be an exception.

Most Trojans such as Bluteal could be used for:

  1. Theft: of private or sensitive info, social media account or banking credentials – all of these may be targeted and when you enter such information in your PC it might get acquired and used by the hackers.
  2. Espionage and stalking: such viruses could easily check what your web searches are as well as acquire your location, information regarding where you work, what your hobbies are etc. They might also be able to watch you through your webcam! And these examples are only few of all the possible ways in which a virus like Bluteal might mess with your privacy.
  3. Destroying/corrupting data: the hackers controlling Bluteal might try to delete or corrupt essential system data on your PC leading to all sorts of unpleasant consequences. It’s perfectly possible (and even likely) that your machine stops functioning properly after an attack from such a virus;
  4. Sneaking other malware inside the system of your PC: You’d better be cautious as this scenario happens quite often. Bluteal’s purpose might be to load some other infection inside your PC such as a  Ransomware cryptovirus version. This is indeed one of the most horrifying possibilities – to be infected with two of the worst and most problematic forms of malware simultaneously.
  5. Exploiting your device’s resources: Your device can also get corrupted by the hackers and they can use it as a bot (for sending spam emails and for mining cryptocurrencies).


Name Bluteal
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

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Bluteal Trojan Removal

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