Chrome Redirect Virus

Chrome Redirect Virus

One of the latest additions to the list of browser hijackers is the Chrome Redirect virus. The Chrome Redirect virus target Google Chrome users and initiates page redirects to suspicious web locations. In addition, this program has been reported to generate and display various sketchy messages and notifications on the screens of its victims.

Chrome redirect virus

Chrome redirect virus pop up messages and ads.

These notifications may show up in the form of colorful banners, spontaneous popups, box messages, etc. And if for whatever reason you click on one of these, you may find yourself being sent to an unsecure or even downright dangerous website. For this reason, it is imperative that you remove the Chrome Redirect virus from your computer as soon as possible. Our tested removal guide below will help you do just that. And there’s a professional removal tool available here, too, if you’d rather have the process handled automatically.

Google Chrome Redirect Virus

Browser hijackers are typically distributed among users with the help of things like program bundles. And the Google Chrome Redirect Virus is likely no exception to this rule. So chances are you downloaded some type of program for free and installed it on your computer, whereas the Chrome Redirect virus was inserted in the installation manager.

Although it has been dubbed a virus, Chrome Redirect isn’t actually one. As pointed out in the beginning of this article, it is a browser hijacker. Hence, it is not a malicious program in itself and cannot actually inflict any harm on your system. But as a result of its activities, you could end up being exposed to actual malware such as Trojans, ransomware and others. Furthermore, many of the page redirects that it causes could lead you to phishing pages, scams, infected sites and whatnot.

This, in turn, could potentially result in you falling victim to cyber criminals who can steal money from you, gain access to sensitive data or damage your PC. The possibilities are as endless as they are dark and gloomy. So with that in mind, it’s advisable to do your best to NOT interact with any of the content displayed by this browser hijacker.

How did I end up with it in the first place?

It is easy to overlook the presence of such added components in the installers of the programs you would like to integrate with your system. But preventing their entry into your system isn’t exactly rocket science either.

You can make sure things like this don’t happen to you in the future by selecting the more detailed advanced or custom setup of any new application that you’re about to install. This will enable you to have more control over the process and you will be notified about any added programs if there are any. And most importantly, you will be able to remove them from the setup if you so choose. Also, a good prevention measure against browser hijackers and other unwanted software is simply being more mindful of your web browsing habits. Avoid suspicious content and web locations and only stick to those that you trust and know to be safe.


Name Chrome Redirect Virus
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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How to Remove Redirect virus from Chrome

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You can find the removal guide here.


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