Do I need an anti-virus program?

No… Anti-Virus Programs are not the Best Protection you can have.

Experts say it is “absolutely essential” to have software protection on your PC. In reality, this is one of the things people repeat all the time – but it’s not always the truth. Are you the type of person who needs software protection? We gathered the facts that can inform you of this in the bottom half of this page.

Can an anti-virus / anti-malware program protect me?

Users generally believe a good security program can protect their computers from pretty much anything on the Internet. Unfortunately, this really isn’t the case. Security programs can protect you, but not against threats targeting you yourself.

Case in point, Ransomware. Ransomware commonly sneaks on computers with help from the user – by tricking them into thinking it is something else, an update, a link to something the user wants. After it gains access, it starts encrypting (locking up) the PC’s data and then asks for a ransom to release the files.

At the point the Ransomware is already inside, most anti-virus programs become powerless. Their security layers are bypassed through the user. They can’t recover the encrypted data either. This sneak attack approach is used by malware of all kinds, not just ransomware. And the scariest thing is that in 2018 these malware types have become so sophisticated, they can even infect you through normal things like hovering over a link.

The bottom line here is that even with the best security program in the world, harm can still be done to you – unless you learn how to spot the trap.

You are the best protection for your PC!

A mistake the user makes is the most common reason for malware infections. Over 80% of known malware exploit precisely this. Here are the most common ways you can get infected:

Most Common attack methods

Opening a link or downloading a file-attachment from a spam email message
Clicking on a misleading online ad, offer, banner or pop-up.
Visiting compromised websites that were hacked.
Visiting illegal content pages like torrent websites.
Blindly installing file bundles without realizing they contain adware/spyware.
Allowing the installation of fake software updates

So, what should you do?

It is possible to have no antivirus and still have a safe and clean computer. Most of the times, it all really depends on your common sense while surfing the Internet. The same way we described above the most common ways you may get exploited, we will outline here the best ways to avoid being exploited:

So, is an antivirus a necessity for me?

If you are pc user with light browsing habits (using only youtube, facebook email, news and productivity websites 90% of the time) it would be hard to recommend an antivirus for you. However for those who have sensitive information on their computer and do online payments, the risk of getting exposed is much higher.

Hackers intentionally try to phish data, hack, or scam people that visit payment platforms and money gateways. It is an extra layer of protection that is worth having when the stacks get higher. You can weigh in the pros and cons yourself to see is you personally need it.

Best Practices

Always backup your data. The most important step you can take to secure your system is to regularly perform a system backup. Create frequent system restore points
Use strong passwords.
Reduce the risk of identity theft by setting up unique passwords for different accounts – this means don’t repeat the same password for every site. Use a password manager if you have to.
Avoid spam emails.
Do not open any attachments and links unless you are sure what’s in them. If you receive an email by an unknown email, don’t open anything in there before you find out who it is!
Update your OS & software regularly.
Patch and maintain your operating system, browsers, and keep other software up-to-date. Patches protect you against new vulnerabilities in the system found by hackers. If you don’t patch, criminals may hack you even without a mistake on your part.
Use anti-malware software and a firewall. 
Run a real-time anti-malware tool and setup a strong firewall protection to add a protective layer.


SpyHunter is equipped with an award­ winning virus, malware, and adware scan engine


Duplicate files are identical copies stored in various places on your hard drive. These files are a waste of valuable disk space


Disk Cleaner ensures that your PC is free of junk and obsolete files that can accumulate megabytes of wasted disk space


Privacy Shield scans installed browsers and enables you to easily remove stored browsing history, cookies, etc.


When you remove applications from your PC, many useless redundant files often remain on the system


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Keeps your PC secure

SpyHunter Antivirus is professional PC antivirus software that will ensure your computer is free from malware, adware, spyware, and other malicious applications.

Dedicated support team

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Multiple threat detection (Signiture, RootKit, and Real-time detection)
E-mail spam filters
Additional alert of ransomware attacks
System Backups
Private data protection
Virtual desktop and sandbox browsing
Custom Diagnostics and fixes
24-hour online support
Additional firewall layer


May Block access to legitimate software
May report steam or other games as malicous
Will not detect the newest malware attacks
Additional payments for additional scanning features
slows down computer when scanning or when updating database
Possibility that the whole threat is not removed


If you have decided you need an antivirus program, we passionately recommend SpyHunter. It is not only one of the best malware “removers” on the internet, but also has a safety net: its “Help Desk” feature. The Help Desk feature allows SpyHunter’s support team to literally send a snapshot of your system to them and within 24 hours you will receive a custom removal that was especially created for your PC. This has a 99.9% success rate.
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