Site icon Virus Removal Guides Virus is a browser hijacker that typically is not intended to harm the operating system of your computer or its files. Instead, is specialized in aggressive ads and sponsored page redirects. Thus, messes with the users’ web browsing experience.

The virus will interfere with your web browsing experience.

Apps like exist primarily to generate income for their developers by collecting clicks on paid ads and web links. That’s why, from the moment they get installed in the system, they integrate with the main web browser (which could be Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) and start flooding it with hundreds of pop-up advertisements, banner notifications, box messages and links that redirect to partnering websites that pay for promotion. In general, such activity is not malicious, but can definitely be annoying and frustrating. Moreover, a piece like can install some unwanted components inside the main browser such as a new toolbar, some page redirect buttons or shortcuts to specific sites, as well as to change the default homepage address and the search engine without asking for approval. This is the main reason why many people are quick to conclude that what they are faced with is some unpleasant virus infection or malware similar to Trojans, Ransomware, etc.

Fortunately, browser hijacker representatives are far from malicious but no one can deny that they can be very annoying. Keeping such programs in your browser will not damage your files or your software but can lead to exposure to an excessive amount of web ads, sketchy pop-ups, different banner notifications and unexpected redirects to pages with questionable content. That’s why the majority of web users generally treat them as potentially unwanted and remove them from the system as soon as they can.

Besides, if you spend a great amount of time browsing the web, you need a reliable browser that is fully controlled by you, not by some strange browser hijacker that frequently redirects you to unfamiliar sites and promotional messages. After all, we all know that the web space is not the safest place and many links, ads and pop-ups nowadays are used by people with malicious intentions to distribute viruses, Trojans, Ransomware and other malware. Therefore, full control during web browsing is needed to avoid such dangers.

To help you configure your web surfing settings the way you want and remove the changes that has imposed, below we have created a free removal guide that explains what you need to do. Its instructions show you how to uninstall the browser hijacker that has taken control of your web browser and if you follow them carefully, you will be able to detect and delete all the components related to the unwanted program and stop all of its aggressive online advertising activities. 

If you are not sure that you can succeed in eliminating manually, there is also a professional removal tool that can save you tons of time and nerves and can deal with the unwanted program in a few clicks. The good news is that you can use this program not only to detect the browser hijacker but also to scan your computer for other potentially unwanted programs and uninstall them with ease.  


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You can find the removal guide here.

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