Block / referral Spam In Google Analytics

Many Google Analytics Users recently complain that the fake traffic of the referral “” has become a major issue for them. Are you facing the same? The quality of the statistics data from the real website visitors may significantly decrease due to unwanted fake visits by the referral. If you’ve found such spam data and looking how to remove it, then you are just in the right place. We know that Google Analytics statistics provides valuable information that you as a website owner need to keep a track of your website. That’s why our team has created this guide to help you solve the spam issue of ““ and reveal the real statistics of your website. Here you will find an effective way to block not only this spam but also keep your Google Analytics clean from other junk traffic that pollutes it.

What is referrer traffic is a sort of web spam. This spam allows spammers to promote their websites by messing up with the Google Analytics reports of different websites around the world.

You may find the referral called a Ghost Spam. It is commonly called this way, because, in fact, there is not a real visitor coming to your site. It’s not a human, nor bot, which means, that the data generated by the spammer is not real, but fake.

This nonrealistic data can mess up with the website analytical data that Google Analytics collect. It can affect most of the information in your Analytics reports with fake web traffic. For example, when a referral appears, it creates 100% bounce rate because it lands on a single web page of your site and leaves from that same page immediately. This way you may not be able to analyze accurate information about your website real bounce rate. When your website is targeted by referrer spammers such misleading information can be generated in other Google Analytics reports. That’s why users seek how to remove from their statistics.

Why would referral spammers target your website?

The simple reason is that spammers want to promote their website. They want you to visit or search for it online. This helps them climb higher in the Google search engine results. Another reason for spamming you is that they want a better ranking by creating backlinks.

The spammers goal is to get you click on their link and visit their website. Then, they may offer you a service or a product. In case you do try to visit the URL (you should better avoid clicking on the link) it will lead you to a simple web page with the message “make money from home work”. If you click on any of the buttons on the page, you will be redirected to another affiliate link. Bear in mind that this link can be changed anytime by the spammer and redirect you somewhere else. Sometimes the page you are redirected to isn’t the page behind the spam. Spammers may use links from affiliate programs to collect income from a legit vendor.

It is good to keep in mind that referral spam is a form of black hat SEO tactic. Even though Google puts a lot of efforts to control the spam activity, you should know that spammers are very creative. They keep finding backdoors to get into your reports. This method completely disregards your website’s real statistics in order to desperately promote the spammers online content and get them a better ranking on Google.

How to block”?

Don’t fall into the trap of the misinformation around. There are many solutions for handling spam, but some of them may only waste your time without providing the desired results. To help you keep your data safe from spam, below we have listed everything you need to do to keep your Google Analytics clean and optimized. We hope our guide will help you solve the spam problem with that you are facing. Do let us know how this helped you in the comments below.

Block / referral spam

STEP 1: In your Analytics account go to Admin —> All Filters.

pic 1(1)

STEP 2: Next, click New Filter and add / referral in the Filter Name value.

STEP 3. Select the Custom Filter Type. In the Filter Field —> Campaign Source. In the Filter Pattern text box, add / referral and click the Save button at the bottom of the webpage.

Pic 2(1)

Blocking / referral referrer spam through .htaccess

If you know how to access your .htaccess file, you just need to input the following code in there:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} / referral [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} / referral
RewriteRule .* - [F]

If you don’t know how to access it, do the following:

Login to your cPanel account —> File Manager —> click the check-box “Document Root for—> your website. A side note: click on “Show hidden Files” and then Go. Find the .htacess file, right click it and choose Code Edit. Input the code I gave you and Save Changes.

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