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SpaceCouponApp Ads Overview

WARNING! SpaceCouponApp Ads might start overloading your browsers with a variety of messages about missing plugins, updates on Java and Flash Player, and many others in the same vein. We’ve even had cases when the virus presents itself as an anti-virus application (talk about being obnoxious, wow). Clicking on any of these messages will result in further headaches, as they invariably download another malware. Unless you ignore the messages completely, this will continue in an infinite loop. Our recommendation is to simply turn a blind eye to practically anything until you feel 100% secure. It is key to remember that by their nature these things have no way of freely entering your PC without getting permission from you. If you don’t do that they are simply powerless.

  1. Do not tarry and immediately remove this application. It is categorized as adware by independent security experts, meaning it will not only bombard you with ads, but it will also potentially start collecting your browsing history and cookies. This information will be later sent to whoever created the SpaceCouponApp Ads, which could have serious consequences. Especially if you own an online banking account.
  2. One significant thing to note is that, as this is adware, your PC’s speed will be significantly affected. The advertisements are not a real part of the actual pages, but rather a projection created by your PC, so it has to make the heavy lifting. This has an extreme effect on the CPU. On older machines, you may even experience browser crashing and constant stuttering. Do not be alarmed – these things will pass the moment you get rid of SpaceCouponApp Ads.
  3. The ads have a nasty habit of redirecting you towards other websites if you click on them. These websites are completely unrelated to the product you were hoping for, and are filled with malware. Exit them immediately.

How To Avoid SpaceCouponApp Ads (And Other Malware)

Over time, security experts have begun discerning some patterns in the behavior of all malware, and especially adware. More than half of all infections are due to the marketing technique called bundling (the other half is due to spam emails and corrupted links). Basically whenever you install a program, there is a chance that it will contain a virus. Although every program has a chance for this, the most susceptible ones are free programs. The way to spot which program is infected is during the setup. If during the first few steps of the process you see something like this:

…then it is in your best interest to quit immediately. Our recommendation is to bring up the task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and stop the setup itself, because there’s no sure guarantee with these things. It may install itself even if you click Exit.


Name SpaceCouponApp
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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How to Remove SpaceCouponApp Ads

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