Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 Malware Removal

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This page aims to help you remove Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 Malware. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

A great troublemaker is hiding inside your computer if you have been infected with Html.malware.agent-6625209-0. This Trojan horse can launch a different types of attacks and can be employed to complete a number of different cyber-criminal tasks. Therefore, on this page, we are going to show you how to remove it from your system as soon as possible. Our “How to remove” team has prepared a detailed Removal Guide on that as well as posted on this page a trusted Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 removal tool which can help you detect and get rid of the malware quickly and effectively. In the next paragraphs, you are also going to find some very useful tips on prevention and more information about the specifics of the Trojans, which will definitely help you stay safe and handle such infections.

Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 Malware – a serious threat to your computer!

The Trojan horse infections are considered as some of the nastiest and the trickiest computer threats and the malware that you are facing now is one of the latest representatives of this virus group. Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 is a malicious software from the Trojan horse type, which can invade your PC when you least expect it. What is more, it can launch different hidden malicious activities in the background of your system, without triggering any visible symptoms. These features make it a favorite tool for hackers that they use for various types of crimes which is why it is one of the most widely-used forms of malware.

In order to infect as many computers as possible, the cyber-criminals typically camouflage their malicious creations as harmless-looking pieces of content. Commonly used data such as office files, PDF’s, .exe files, images, audio or video files, different new and intriguing applications, software installers and updates may secretly serve as transmitters for Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 and other Trojans and, sadly, without proper antivirus software, it might be really difficult to distinguish them from legitimate and harmless data. The infection usually happens instantly – the users are typically misled to believe that they are interacting with legitimate content which is how they typically get tricked into interacting with the Trojan.  From that moment, the Trojan gets inside the system and secretly begins to launch the malicious tasks it has been programmed for. Sadly, without visible symptoms, it may take weeks or even months for the victims to realize that they have been infected. That’s why, it is really important to have reliable security software and to regularly run security scans on the system with it in order to catch such malware on time and have it removed before it causes any serious damage.

Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 Malware Removal



Some of the steps will likely require you to exit the page. Bookmark it for later reference.

Reboot in Safe Mode (use this guide if you don’t know how to do it).



Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC at the same time and go to the Processes Tab. Try to determine which processes are dangerous. 


Right click on each of them and select Open File Location. Then scan the files with our free online virus scanner:

Drag and Drop Files Here to Scan
Maximum file size: 128MB.

This scanner is free and will always remain free for our website's users. You can find its full-page version at:

Scan Results

Virus Scanner Result

After you open their folder, end the processes that are infected, then delete their folders. 

Note: If you are sure something is part of the infection – delete it, even if the scanner doesn’t flag it. No anti-virus program can detect all infections. 


Hold together the Start Key and R. Type appwiz.cpl –> OK.


You are now in the Control Panel. Look for suspicious entries. Uninstall it/them. If you see a screen like this when you click Uninstall, choose NO:



Type msconfig in the search field and hit enter. A window will pop-up:


Startup —> Uncheck entries that have “Unknown” as Manufacturer or otherwise look suspicious.

  • Remember this step – if you have reason to believe a bigger threat (like ransomware) is on your PC, check everything here.

Hold the Start Key and R –  copy + paste the following and click OK:

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

A new file will open. If you are hacked, there will be a bunch of other IPs connected to you at the bottom. Look at the image below:

hosts_opt (1)

If there are suspicious IPs below “Localhost” – write to us in the comments.


Type Regedit in the windows search field and press Enter.

Once inside, press CTRL and F together and type the virus’s Name. Right click and delete any entries you find with a similar name. If they don’t show up this way, go manually to these directories and delete/uninstall them:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—–Random Directory. It could be any one of them – ask us if you can’t discern which ones are malicious.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—-Windows—CurrentVersion—Run– Random
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—Internet Explorer—-Main—- Random

What damage may Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 cause if not removed on time?

Here, we cannot list all the potential malicious activities a Trojan horse such as Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 might be capable of. What the malware may be programmed to perform depends entirely on the intentions of the hackers who control it. Some web criminals may use such viruses for deleting system files, cracking software or establishing remote control over the entire PC.

Sometimes, the hackers may be interested in spying on their victims. They may set the Trojan to collect personal information and keep a track on the user’s online and offline activities, keystrokes, visited web locations, passwords, online banking credentials or login details. With such data in their hands, the crooks may easily steal the victim’s virtual identity, hack into their online profiles, drain their bank accounts or blackmail them.

A very popular use of threats such as Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 is to distribute Ransomware and other nasty viruses. Once inside the computer, such pieces of malware can create vulnerabilities in the system and this way allow other nasty viruses such as Ransomware, Spyware or similar threats to sneak inside undetected. To prevent that, it is really important to remove the Trojan on time before it has managed to cause more harm.

How to effectively get rid of Html.malware.agent-6625209-0?

In the Removal Guide below, we have explained in detail what steps you need to take if your PC has been infected with Html.malware.agent-6625209-0. To successfully detect and delete the Trojan, you basically need to carefully follow the instructions and erase the Trojan-related files. In case that you are facing difficulties following the manual steps, an alternative removal option would be to use the professional Html.malware.agent-6625209-0 removal tool. It can scan your PC thoroughly and remove the infection without risk for your system.


Name Html.malware.agent-6625209-0
Type Trojan
Danger Level  High (Trojans are often used as a backdoor for Ransomware)
Symptoms  This malware will rarely trigger any symptoms and will try to remain hidden for as long as possible. 
Distribution Method  Various harmless-looking content such as ads, pop-ups, email attachments, torrents, links, spam messages, infected web pages, compromized software installers. 
Detection Tool

If the guide doesn’t help, download the anti-virus program we recommended or try our free online virus scanner. Also, you can always ask us in the comments for help!

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