Installcore Malware


Today’s article is devoted to Installcore – a new Trojan Horse variant which can harm your system in a very serious way. If you’ve discovered that this particular threat has sneaked inside your PC, then the information here will be very useful to you. Our goal is to inform our readers about the consequences Installcore may have on their systems, as well as about the way to locate it, and remove it from there.


The Installcore Malware

For instance, the Trojans are often used to corrupt or delete information on the computer of the victim. They can format all of your disks, and drives easily, wiping them clean of everything that you have stored on them, trojans are among the most notorious and advanced computer viruses that could be met online.

This can be achieved through different methods, and for different purposes. Basically, the attacker wants to deprive you of some important files, documents, or digital information that you have.

The Installcore Malware

Trojans such as Installcore are multi-functional malware instruments that can be used for different damaging operations. You probably want to know the exact purpose of Installcore on your machine, but, sadly, nobody can tell you what this infection can do until it actually completes its agenda.

Another common use for infections like Installcore is for espionage and robbery. Advanced Trojans like this one can function on your PC as the hackers’ eyes and ears. They can secretly hack into your webcam and watch you or listen to your conversations through your microphone. This way, the criminals behind the infection can acquire a lot of information about your home, or office environment, collect private and professional data about you, and spy on all of your activities. This can be performed for stalking purposes, or for the purposes of virtual theft and even physical robbery.

Sometimes, the hackers may decide to use the Trojan virus in your system in order to exploit the resources of your PC for whatever purpose. For example, they may turn your computer into a bot, and use it to secretly distribute spam from it, or to infect other computers within your network.

Also, the Trojan can be used as a backdoor for other malware. An infection of this kind can easily serve as a support tool for the distribution of various viruses, and stealthy infections such as Ransomware or Spyware. That’s why, in case you suspect that Installcore has sneaked inside your system, you should take immediate actions to remove it.

How to protect your system?

Social engineering is a common way to infect people with Trojans such as Installcore. Specifically, with this type of malware, spam emails are probably the most successful method of distribution. The malicious payload may be disguised as a message from a well-known company, an online vendor, or even some governmental institution. However, such malware can also be concealed in some type of downloadable content, like a torrent file, a game, an audio file, etc. That’s why it is best to use reliable security software to protect your system, and to remove such threats on time.


Name Installcore
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

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Installcore Malware Removal

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