Virus Removal Guides is a potentially unwanted program that can make unwelcome changes in your main web browser. In cyber security circles, is recognized as a browser hijacker due to its ability to set a new search engine and to replace the default homepage without the users’ permission.

The Virus will spam you with messages and ads.


Perhaps you found this post because you have been looking for a way to remove the odd and possibly unpleasant changes that have taken place in your browser. If the above explanations suit your current problems, you’re in the right place. We have provided some valuable information about the real source of your web browsing disturbance, as well as a removal guide that can help you remove the unwanted changes from popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer. 

What can do?

If your screen has recently been covered with messages saying “Ads displayed by” then is obviously the software that stands behind the ads streaming that you have been exposed to. This program is a browser hijacker and as such, it usually can generate many sponsored commercial messages (pop-ups, banner ads, colorful boxes, redirect links, etc.) during your browsing sessions. can also redirect your searches to specific web pages without you doing anything. You can also notice that some changes may take place inside your browser’s homepage and the default search engine which can be replaced with new ones. Frankly, it could be very irritating to witness these modifications because after them you may not be able to use your browser as before unless you uninstall the unwanted components.

Don’t be too worried, though! The browser hijackers may be extremely irritating, but most of them are quite harmless and have nothing in common with dreadful online infections such as Trojans, Ransomware or viruses. An infection with actual malware can result in the theft of personal information such as banking credentials and online accounts. If you become a victim of a Ransomware virus, you may be deprived of access to your data. Usually, and other browser hijackers can’t do things like that. What they are looking for is to display a large amount of advertisements on your screen and to redirect you to pages that pay for promotion and traffic.

That being said, you should not take everything that gets shown on your monitor as reliable and safe. Use your common sense and try to avoid clicking on random links, too-good-to-be-true offers and pages with dubious materials since you never know what may hide behind them.

As a matter of fact, programs like may be able to match your personal interests and your latest web searches with the generated ads. This could happen since the hijackers can determine your interests and tastes by keeping track of and analyzing your browsing history. So, don’t be surprised if your latest online search requests and the advertisements on your screen mysteriously begin to match. The advertising software has its own tactics to make you click on its ads and redirect you to the pages it advertises. If you want to stop all the advertising activities, however, we suggest you take a look at the removal guide at the end of this article and use it to remove from your system.


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Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.

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