Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b Trojan Removal

This page aims to help you remove Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b Trojan. These Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

In case that Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b has invaded your computer, you should really be concerned about your system security. This program is a very malicious one. It falls into the category of the extremely dangerous Trojan horses and the best you could do is to remove it as soon as possible. However, bear in mind that this threat is very tricky and its removal would require your full attention and some computing skills. That’s why, our team of professionals has created an easy-to-follow removal guide, which will help you manually detect and delete the Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b related files and effectively clean your system from all of its traces. In order to gain a better understanding about the harmfulness of this Trojan infection, we would also give you some important information about its typical malicious activities, distribution and infection methods. A few security tips at the end will surely come in handy, so you will know how to protect your system in the future. Just stay with us and let us help you get rid of this nasty virus.

Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b – a reason to be concerned

We really aren’t exaggerating when we say that Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b is a really dangerous Trojan horse virus. In fact, Trojans are no longer just a tale from Greek mythology, but one of the most harmful online threats one could encounter. They are very tricky and sophisticated software pieces, which are capable of almost endless malicious deeds. Social intelligence techniques and delusive methods are their favorite ways to spread around the web and sneak inside users’ systems. This way they are able to infect people without any symptoms and remain almost undetected for very long periods of time, while they silently perform their criminal tasks. No less terrifying is Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b – one of the newest Trojan infections, which is able to camouflage itself as almost anything and easily trick the unsuspecting users into clicking on it. A harmless looking file, email attachment, a link, a picture, a nice looking application, an office file or even a video – they all could be possible transmitters of a Trojan horse infection like this one, which may be precisely hidden inside. In the basis of a successful infection lies peoples’ curiosity and desire to interact with the well-masked threat, thus unknowingly activating the virus.

The malicious activities…

Trojans like Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b are usually used by hackers with harmful intentions, which aim to compromise your machine and perform a specific criminal action. That’s why every Trojan they create comes with a mission on the victim’s computer. It may be programmed to spy on you, collect login credentials, debit or credit cards data, online banking account information, identity information or even corrupt some files and projects on your drives. It may be used to create backdoors for other malware like Ransomware or provide the hackers with remote access to your machine. Compromised this way, your computer may unknowingly get involved into various cybercrimes or botnets. The most important thing that the malware tries, once it gets inside the system, is to remain undetected by your security software and carry out its harmful activities undisturbed. For that, it usually hides deep inside the computer and tries to mask its processes, so that users can’t detect them. It may be long before you realize what a terrifying threat is lurking inside your system and there are hardly any visible symptoms that may give you a hint. With all this said, you now know why Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b is such a terrifying threat and removing it is a thing you should do immediately. For that, you may need some assistance, so make sure you follow the instructions in the removal guide below. It is a good idea to double check your system with the professional Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b removal tool, which will detect all the hidden files.

What can you do to protect your system in the future?

Reputable and regularly updated antivirus software is essential if you want to detect such tricky threats on time. Not only that, but you should ensure that all your software is up to date and has no vulnerabilities, which could be exploited by Trojans like Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b. Also, try to resist the temptation of clicking on every single spam message or flashy link or banner that pops up on your screen. Stay away from insecure websites, pirate content and sketchy applications or non-trusted online sources. These may surely hide some nasty threats that you really don’t want to encounter.


Name Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b
Type Trojan
Danger Level  High (Trojans are often used as a backdoor for Ransomware)
Symptoms  A very cunning threat that hides well and gives no visible hints or symptoms of an infection.
Distribution Method  This threat could be found on various web locations, masked as spam emails, harmless looking files, email attachments, links, pictures, nice looking applications, office files etc.
Detection Tool

Keep in mind, SpyHunter’s malware detection tool is free. To remove the infection, you’ll need to purchase the full version.
More information about SpyHunter and steps to uninstall.

Js/trojandownloader.fakejquery.b Trojan Removal



Some of the steps will likely require you to exit the page. Bookmark it for later reference.

Reboot in Safe Mode (use this guide if you don’t know how to do it).


Hold together the Start Key and R. Type appwiz.cpl –> OK.


You are now in the Control Panel. Look for suspicious entries. Uninstall it/them. If you see a screen like this when you click Uninstall, choose NO:


Type msconfig in the search field and hit enter. A window will pop-up:


Startup —> Uncheck entries that have “Unknown” as Manufacturer or otherwise look suspicious.

  • Remember this step – if you have reason to believe a bigger threat (like ransomware) is on your PC, check everything here.


Hold the Start Key and R –  copy + paste the following and click OK:

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

A new file will open. If you are hacked, there will be a bunch of other IPs connected to you at the bottom. Look at the image below:

hosts_opt (1)

If there are suspicious IPs below “Localhost” – write to us in the comments.



Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC simultaneously. Go to the Processes Tab. Try to determine which ones are a virus. Google them or ask us in the comments.


  • This step is very important, because you can catch other threats (like Ransomware and Spyware) while looking for the Adware process.

Right click on each of the virus processes separately and select Open File LocationEnd the process after you open the folder, then delete the directories you were sent to.


Type Regedit in the windows search field and press Enter.

Once inside, press CTRL and F together and type the virus’s Name. Right click and delete any entries you find with a similar name. If they don’t show this way, go manually to these directories and delete/uninstall them:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—–Random Directory. It could be any one of them – ask us if you can’t discern which ones are malicious.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—-Windows—CurrentVersion—Run– Random
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—Internet Explorer—-Main—- Random


If all the prior steps fail to help you or you have reason to believe your system is exposed to threats like Ransomware, we advise you to download a professional scanner and remover.

Remember to leave us a comment if you run into any trouble!

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