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Karmajinx Virus Removal

Parasite may reinstall itself multiple times if you don't delete its core files. We recommend downloading SpyHunter to scan for malicious programs installed with it. This may save you hours and cut down your time to about 15 minutes. 

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More information on SpyHunter, steps to uninstallEULAThreat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy.

This page aims to help you remove Karmajinx Virus. These Karmajinx Virus removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Karmajinx Virus is an adware-based virus we believe can be very harmful for your PC. Removing it by following the guide below is mandatory if you want to avoid any permanent damage done to your PC. But even saying that, there’s something you should know – there is no real rush to get rid of it. The details outlined here can help you prevent ever getting in this situation again. It is probably in your best interest to read them before or after the virus removal is completed.

How the Karmajinx Virus Works

It’s basically an advertising add-on. That’s what it does. The offers it labels as special are quite questionable as far as authenticity goes – can you be 100% convinced of their validity?  No one can be. It’s all one big fraud targeted at people like you, the normal, everyday users. You should also bear in mind to take with a grain of salt all search engine results, even if everything seems normal. These can be hijacked as well. It’s practically all done for two main purposes:

  • Either the people who made the add-on are tricking you into helping them promote their affiliate websites (the bigger the traffic, the higher the ranking, after all).
  • Or the creators were paid to promote someone else’s websites and the money is done through pay per click.

These are the only options, unfortunately. When security experts label something as “adware” (an advertisement-based malware) there is little to no doubt the tool is malicious.

The first thing I want to note is: Do NOT under all events download or update anything suggested by the virus. Once it has found its way in, Karmajinx Virus might start posing as Flash Player, Java or a variety of other seemingly legitimate programs. This is a trick. If you give it permission to update, it will download another malware instead.

Second, you can give yourself a sigh of relief when you hear that Karmajinx Virus isn’t exactly the biggest threat. Although it slows down your computer and you can experience glitches, it is simply the big front door. Or perhaps rather the backdoor. This is basically true for all browser add-ons. No amount of security programs and software companies can guarantee your safety when they are concerned. Browser extensions are always the weak point of any system. And the ultimate purpose of this extension is to download other malware and install it on your computer.

Now, as long as you do not click on the advertisements and you do not update anything you should be fine. Of course, I assume that you’ve started reading this guide as soon as you became suspicious of the extension, and that’s a good assumption generally. If not, I’ll just get to the point. The longer it remains, the bigger the threat it is. As far as security is concerned, the major problem are the other viruses. Once they slither in, they start collecting as much personal information as they can. Cookies are included in the estimates. If the malware manages to get a hold on your passwords and send them to whoever created Karmajinx Virus… it can be bad. Many people nowadays use online banking – the bullseye of all cyber criminals.

How did you get the Karmajinx Virus?

There are a variety of virus spreading methods but more than likely you were affected by one of the below mentioned ones:

  • E-mail attachments. This might be an old trick but it is still widely used nowadays. Always scan the attachments before and after you download them. Do not be fooled – even e-mails seemingly sent by legitimate senders might have malicious content in them.
  • Infected executable files downloaded from torrent and other file sharing websites. Due to the lack of or limited control many times compromised files get uploaded and the end users suffer for it. Always scan before opening downloads from unconfirmed sources.
  • Software bundles. This is probably the most likely scenario for you to get your PC infected with Karmajinx Virus. This happens when you download a program or a game, usually some type of freeware, and fail to click on the Advanced installation options. Which is a perfectly normal and common mistake. As a result additional programs and applications get installed in addition to the want you wanted in the first place. The only way for you to prevent this is to carefully review everything that is to be installed before actually starting the installation process.


Name Karmajinx
Type Browser Hijacker
Danger Level Medium
Symptoms Unwanted Ads and Browser redirects.
Distribution Method E-mail attachments, Software bundles, corrupted files downloaded from torrents and other file sharing websites.
Detection Tool


1: Enter Safe Mode.
2: Uninstall the virus from your Add/Remove Programs and check MS Config.
3: Check your hosts file and domain network for being hacked.
4:Remove Karmajinx Virus from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
5: Remove Karmajinx Virus from Task Manager’s processes.
6: Remove the virus from Regedit.

Karmajinx Virus Removal



Reboot in Safe Mode (use this guide if you don’t know how to do it).

This was the first preparation.


To remove parasite on your own, you may have to meddle with system files and registries. If you were to do this, you need to be extremely careful, because you may damage your system.

If you want to avoid the risk, we recommend downloading SpyHunter
a professional malware removal tool.

More information on SpyHunter, steps to uninstallEULAThreat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy.

Reveal All Hidden Files and Folders.

  • Do not skip this – Karmajinx Virus may have hidden some of its files.

Hold together the Start Key and R. Type appwiz.cpl –> OK.


You are now in the Control Panel. Look for suspicious entries. Uninstall it/them. If you see a screen like this when you click Uninstall, choose NO:


Type msconfig in the search field and hit enter. A window will pop-up:


Startup —> Uncheck entries that have “Unknown” as Manufacturer.


Hold the Start Key and R copy + paste the following and click OK:

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

A new file will open. If you are hacked, there will be a bunch of other IPs connected to you at the bottom. Look at the image below:

hosts_opt (1)

If there are suspicious IPs below “Localhost” – write to us in the comments.

Open the Start Menu, type “Control Panel” in the search box —> Enter. Network and Internet —> Network and Sharing Center —> Change Adapter Settings. Right-click your Internet connection —> Properties.

In Networking, left click Internet Protocol Version 4 —> Properties. If everything is normal, your window will look like the picture below. If it’s not, click on the two “automatic” choices. NOTE: If you are in a Domain Network (check here if you don’t know what that is), contact your Domain Administrator so he can make these settings, or this may break your Internet Connection.

DNS Settings


Right click on the browser’s shortcut —> Properties.

NOTE: We are showing Google Chrome, but you can do this for Firefox and IE (or Edge).


Properties —–> Shortcut. In Target, remove everything after .exe.

ie9-10_512x512 Remove the Malware from Internet Explorer:

Open IE, click IE GEAR —–> Manage Add-ons.

pic 3

Find the malware —> Disable. Go to IE GEAR —–> Internet Options —> change the URL to whatever you use (if hijacked) —> Apply.

firefox-512 Remove Karmajinx Virus from Firefox:

Open Firefox, click mozilla menu ——-> Add-ons —-> Extensions.

pic 6

Find the adware/malware —> Remove.

chrome-logo-transparent-backgroundRemove Karmajinx Virus from Chrome:

Close Chrome. Navigate to:

C:/Users/!!!!USER NAME!!!!/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data. There is a Folder called “Default” inside:

Rename the Folder to Backup Default

Rename it to Backup Default. Restart Chrome.

  • At this point the malware is gone from Chrome, but complete the entire guide or it may reappear on a system reboot.


Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC simultaneously. Go to the Processes Tab. Try to determine which ones are a virus. Google them or ask us in the comments.


This is the most important and difficult part, so be extremely careful. If you make a big mistake, it can damage your system significantly. Accounts connected to your credit cards or important information may be exposed to Karmajinx Virus. If you do not feel you can do this, download a professional remover.


Right click on each of the virus processes and select Open File Location, then End the process. Copy the folders somewhere (as a backup if you make a mistake) and delete the directories you were sent to.


Type Regedit in the windows search field and press Enter.

Inside, press CTRL and F together and type the virus’s Name. Right click and delete any entries you find with a similar name. If they don’t show this way, go manually to these directories and delete/uninstall them:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—–Random Directory. It could be any one of them – ask us if you can’t discern which ones are malicious.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—-Windows—CurrentVersion—Run– Random
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—Internet Explorer—-Main—- Random

Remember to leave us a comment if you run into any trouble!

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