Kissq Virus


Kissq is a harmful program that silently infiltrates computers, acquires Admin permissions on them, and launches malicious processes disguised as legitimate system ones. Threats like Kissq belong to the widespread Trojan virus category and they are often used as espionage and data-stealing tools.


The Kissq virus

Those two examples of what a Trojan horse like Kissq or Presenoker could do, however, represent only a very small portion of the full potential of this sort of malware. It is widely known that the representatives of this particular malware category are extremely versatile. Trojans can be used for all kinds of cybercrimes, including the distribution of various types of other viruses (most notably, ransomware), the illegal mining of Bitcoin through victims’ computers, the coordination of large-scale Denial of Service attacks in which a large number of infected computers are used, and more.

Unfortunately, since Kissq is a very new threat and one that needs more research done on it, we cannot verify the end goal of the hackers who are behind it. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that, if you’ve detected Kissq on your computer, you should take immediate action to remove it. Whatever Kissq tries to do in your particular case, it won’t be something good and the potential for severe (and maybe irreparable) damage to your computer and virtual privacy would definitely be there.

The Kissq Virus

It can be difficult to tell if a given computer has been attacked by a Trojan especially if we are talking about a recently released threat such as the Kissq virus or if there is no reliable antivirus installed on the machine. The problem with the Kissq virus is that, due to its recent release, most antiviruses will probably not have the details of this virus in their databases, making the Trojan’s detection from the antivirus rather unlikely.

Most high-quality security programs offer behavioral detection on top of their regular database-detection and this could sometimes help spot a newly-released Trojan like Kissq in time. However, there are no guarantees and even if you have the best antivirus, you may still end up with such a Trojan on your computer without having any idea about it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to manually detecting the threat, this can also be difficult because, in some cases, there will be few or no symptoms. However, in other instances, one might notice different types of unusual PC behavior such as unexpected crashes, different program errors, deleted, modified, or corrupted files, as well as unauthorized changes in the system or the browser’s settings.

All of this, especially if it seems to have started occurring around the same time, is a pretty serious red flag indicating that there may indeed be a Trojan horse virus hidden in the system. If you have any reason to suspect Kissq is currently somewhere on your computer, you’d better make sure to do everything in your power to remove the threat. The removal guide and the recommended anti-malware tool that you will find down below should enable you to find out if the malicious Kissq is indeed in your system and eliminate, hopefully, before it has managed to cause any lasting damage.



Name Kissq
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

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How To Remove Kissq Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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