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Kuwaited iPhone


Kuwaited is a vivid representative of the browser hijacker software category that specifically targets Apple devices. Namely, Kuwaited can integrate with your iPhone, iPad or iPod.


The Kuwaited Calendar Virus

And as you can tell from the name of this class of software, Kuwaited will particularly target the browsing program installed on your device. Hence, it can become part of your Chrome, Safari or other web browser. And once that happens, it will begin to take over its settings in order to aid its own advertising activities.

This is why one of the most prominent symptoms with a hijacker like Kuwaited, Calevent, Critical threat is the vast increase of popups, banners and other ads visible during browsing sessions. In addition, Kuwaited may also become the reason for you experiencing frequent page redirects to various seemingly irrelevant web addresses. Then on top of that, your browser’s appearance may be subjected to certain changes, as well.

For example, its homepage and default search engine may be substituted with new ones. And you may also find that there’s been a new toolbar added to the browsing program. The annoying thing about all these changes, however, is the fact that they will remain more or less permanent as long as Kuwaited is on your iOS device. Therefore, if you would once again like to have control over your browser, you will have to remove Kuwaited from it. And we can show you how to do that in the removal guide below.

Another good reason to want to remove this hijacker is the potential dangers it may expose you to, such as ransomware, Trojan horse viruses, etc.

Remove Kuwaited Calendar Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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