Security experts have labeled MazySearch as a textbook browser hijacker application. Thus, MazySearch targets the main browser on the computers it infects and integrates with it.


The MazySearch Virus is a browser extension.

Programs like MazySearch, Capita Search and Optimum Search are fairly versatile in that they are usually compatible with most if not all popular web browsing programs. Hence, they can easily embed themselves in widely used browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and others. But what’s more important is what begins to take place after the browser hijacker has infiltrated your browser.

Namely, it begins to generate streams of various web ads directly on your screen during web browsing sessions, regardless of the websites you visit. These can come in every shape and size, including banners, box messages, popups, in-text links and others. Another form of advertising that can even be considered more aggressive and that often takes place in infected browsers is page redirects. These are basically spontaneous instances of your browser loading a new page or site, whether it be in the same tab or a new one. And the purpose of it is to drive traffic to a specific web location.

That same goal can also be achieved by other means, which are often exercised by browser hijackers like MazySearch. Specifically, these types of applications really like to meddle with the settings of the host web browser and, for instance, change the homepage to a site that needs promoting. Similarly, MazySearch may also substitute your default search engine with this URL And the annoying thing about all of this isn’t even so much the changes that are made without your approval. It’s the fact that you won’t be able to do anything about them afterwards.

As long as MazySearch is part of your system, nothing you do to alter the settings of your favorite browsing program will stick. Try it if you don’t believe us.

This leads us to the logical conclusion that if you would like to restore your old browser configurations and once again be able to browse the web without being harassed by tons of online ads, then the only solution is the removal of MazySearch from your PC. We have put together a detailed removal guide down below to help you with this process. And if you’d rather have it all taken care of automatically, then feel free to make use of our professional removal tool – available on this page as well.

Removing MazySearch is actually also a good idea as far as your computer’s safety is concerned. While browser hijackers are not the same thing as viruses and they do not possess the harmful qualities of malware like Trojans, ransomware and others, they can still prove detrimental to your system’s security in the long run. As a result of the aggressive page redirects and other advertising practices, there’s a chance of possibly landing on a page of website that is unsafe and might even be distributing dangerous computer viruses. So with that in mind, there’s really not much you’d be missing out on if you simply delete MazySearch.


Name MazySearch
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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How to Remove MazySearch Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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