Nmon is a computer virus threat that can sneakily enter your system and initiate different damaging processes without needing your permission. Experts label Nmon as a Trojan horse virus due to its use of stealth tactics to get distributed and because of its versatile nature.


The Nmon.exe Virus


Multiple antivirus programs in VirusTotal are detecting the Nmon.exe Virus. Bear in mind that Nmon.exe is associated with OnMark 2000 Survey and is located in C:\Program Files\Viasoft\OnMark 2000 Survey\NMON.EXE. If you find it anywhere else it is considered potentially undesirable program.

The Nmon.exe Virus

The Nmon.exe virus represents the most common and widespread form of computer malware for both Windows and macOS computers – the infamous Trojan horse malware category. There’s hardly a computer user who hasn’t at the very least heard the term Trojan horse in association with something dangerous and harmful to the computer.

However, in order to successfully protect your system against such threats, it is required that you have a bit more information about their abilities, the infection tactics they use, and the possible ways you could remove them and keep them away fro your computer.

In the current post, Nmon.exe will be our main focus as it is the latest reported Trojan horse version. Since it is a newly released threat, it would take some time before it gets included in the databases of antivirus programs, meaning that, until then, this threat could enter your system and operate in it without getting spotted and intercepted even if you have a reliable antivirus in place on your machine.

How to know if Nmon.exe is in my computer?

If your antivirus hasn’t detected anything yet you think that you may have recently gotten attacked by Nmon.exe, know that the potential symptoms caused by this threat could greatly vary depending on the situation and on what the attacking malware is actually trying to achieve. If, for example, Nmon.exe is attempting to spy on you and collect sensitive private data from your computer, it is likely that there wouldn’t be any overly obvious signs of its presence on the computer. Espionage Trojans are known for their stealth and they hardly ever trigger any visible symptoms of their presence. Still, it may be worth it to check your computer’s Task Manager and look at the processes tab to see if there aren’t suspicious-looking processes that you don’t recognize in it.

In other instances, however, there could be some pretty disturbing and noticeable symptoms such as sudden Blue Screen system crashes, different software errors, severe slow-downs of the system, and screen freezes. Those are likely to occur if Nmon.exe is trying to corrupt and/or take over your system and use your computer’s resources for the completion of different malicious tasks. Such tasks could, for example, be the distribution of spam messages or the mining of Bitcoins from your computer. Needless to say, any cryptocurrency that gets mined in this way would automatically be sent to the hackers behind Nmon.exe, Wup.exe or any other malware.

As you can see, the symptoms and the possible uses of this virus could greatly vary. In some instances, you may even realize that your files have gotten encrypted because the Nmon.exe Trojan has introduced a Ransomware virus to your system. The key thing here is to always make sure to check your computer for any threats that may be hiding in it if you suspect that you may have been attacked by malware. Hopefully, the next guide will help you locate any malicious files and software that may currently be residing in your system and remove them before your computer and/or data have sustained any significant damage.


Name Nmon.exe
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

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Remove Nmon.exe Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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