Norton Subscription Expired

Norton Subscription Expired

Norton Subscription Expired is a browser hijacking software that modifies a web browser’s settings to inject unwanted advertisements into the user’s browser. Norton Subscription Expired may replace the existing home page, the new tab page, or the search engine with another one, without asking for approval.

Norton Subscription Expired

The Norton Subscription Expired Virus will display pop up ads and messages

Have you recently found out that there have been some unauthorized changes in your browser? Has the default homepage or the main search engine been replaced with one that you cannot recall setting up yourself? Or you may have found that your web searches are constantly getting page-redirected to websites that you have never seen before? These are the typical symptoms of a browser hijacker in system. And if you’re still not quite sure, then the crazy amount of pop-up ads, redirect messages, and banners that you have been seeing in your browser lately will surely settle any doubts. Most of them, if not all, will likely be “powered by Norton Subscription Expired” or “generated by Norton Subscription Expired”, which is the exact browser hijacker program that you are probably facing. To be more specific, Norton Subscription Expired is one of the latest browser hijackers released to this date. It has the ability to integrate with all popular browsers, including Chrome, Explorer, Opera, Firefox, etc. Our removal guide at the bottom of this page, however, will walk you through the exact steps needed to uninstall this strange ad-generating software and to remove all the browser changes that have come with it.

Why is Norton Subscription Expired on your computer?

Online advertising is a business for billions. There are many popular online advertising strategies one of which is called Pay Per Click (or PPC in short). The essence of this strategy is that if a given ad that is promoted on the users’ screen gets clicked, the promoters get paid for that. Numerous companies of all kinds and many software developers make money this way with the help of ad-generating and page-redirecting programs like Norton Subscription Expired. They set the browser hijacker to display sponsored commercials of all kinds and make money every time a user clicks on any of them.

This should explain the wild amount of pop-ups and banners you are probably seeing all over your monitor. While making it quite difficult to navigate past the advertisements, or to remove them, Norton Subscription Expired may often create ads that target you directly in order to attract your attention more effectively. This is done with the help of some data collection. Usually, information relevant to your surfing habits gets collected from your browser and is later used to adjust the generated ads according to your predicted preferences and interests. You might find, for instance, that some of the pop-ups you’ve seen today are related to something that you have looked up yesterday, or an hour ago.

This activity is often considered as a violation of one’s privacy and is even thought to be an act that a virus would do. Nevertheless, Norton Subscription Expired is not a virus – this is just an advertising program. However, this does not put the browser hijacker in the category of completely harmless software. To be perfectly clear, the browser hijackers are not malicious by themselves, but if you click on some of their ads, they might potentially expose you to malicious threats, such as Trojans or Ransomware. The thing is you may accidentally be met with malvertisements, which are false advertisements that either redirect you to unsafe websites with viruses, or directly install Ransomware, Spyware, or other malware on your device. This is probably the most common concern related to this software, which gives some users a strong reason to remove it. If you are one of them, and you want to uninstall Norton Subscription Expired, we suggest you scroll down to the removal guide that follows, and use its instructions.


Name Norton Subscription Expired
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Remove Norton Subscription Expired Pop up Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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