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Pushisback belongs to the class of software more commonly referred to as browser hijackers. As such, Pushisback infects the browser on your computer and takes charge of it by altering some of its settings.


The Virus will try to trick you into subscribing to its Push Notifications

As a result, users start being plagued by swarms of online ads in every shape and size. These can be banners, popups, in-text links, box messages and various other forms of online advertising materials. In addition, your browser may start to trigger page redirects that take you to different obscure web locations.

The Pushisback Virus

On top of that, the Pushisback virus may replace your default search engine with a different one. And very often the Pushisback virus will also set this new search engine as the browser homepage, as well. This ensures, on the one hand, that you are exposed to more sponsored search results. And on the other hand, the website in question gets more hits and a higher traffic count, which is quite possibly what the hijacker developers are paid for.

If you try and reset these browser configurations, you will notice that they return back to what the hijacker has determined them to be – no matter what you do. Even reinstalling your browser or switching to a different one will only offer temporary relief before gets integrated as well. And as it so happens, programs like are equally sticky themselves, when it comes to their uninstallation.

You will find that most of them do not offer an uninstallation option the way that regular software products do. And if you try to somehow remove it yourself without fully understanding what you’re dealing with, chances are you won’t find all of the components, and its residual parts may still cause issues during your browsing sessions. This is why our team of experts has put together a detailed removal guide that you can find below.

The ‘hidden’ effects of

Yes, you’ve already come to experience all the annoying consequences of having a browser hijacker in your system. But what you may not know about these program is that they may be silently monitoring your browsing patterns and collecting this data to optimize the display of their ads. This is done so that the ads generated on your screen are more appealing to you and you will, ideally, be more prone to interact with them. That way can generate profit for its developers.

However, this data may be sold to third parties for various intents and purposes – without your knowledge or consent. And on top of that, this background activity does take its toll on your system resources, which can be quite detrimental to your computer’s performance in the long run.

Last but not least, seeing as the quantities of generated ads and page redirects are so vast, nobody really keeps track or checks their safety. Hence, there’s a risk of at some point landing on an unsafe webpage or clicking on some infected or compromised ad or link. And as a result, you may come face to face with ransomware, Trojan horse viruses and other malicious code.


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