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First Choice Tech Support Scam

This article aims to help users remove “First Choice Tech Support” Scam from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, as well as their respective system.

first choice tech support scam

“First Choice Tech Support” Scam is a typical example of the Adware family of online threats. It operates by generating unwanted Ads in the internet browsers of computers infected by it. These Ads are characterized as being highly aggressive in their pattern of appearance and contents and can be incredibly annoying, especially those that come with sound attached. The primary goal of these Ads is to generate revenue for the people responsible for creating and destributing “First Choice Tech Support” Scam – at the expense of your patience. Unfortunately programs similar to “First Choice Tech Support” Scam are also responsible for the destribution of a large variety of viruses and bloatware applications. In addition to all of these “First Choice Tech Support” Scam is also responsible for any slowdowns you may experience while browsing on your computer. The Ads that you see need their data downloaded and then displayed alongside the contents of the load page that you are about to read.

Don’t trust “First Choice Tech Support” Scam with anything it may offer you

As mentioned “First Choice Tech Support” Scam is malicious in it nature and everything associated with this should be avoided.

Reputable online sites never advertise via programs like “First Choice Tech Support” Scam, although some may be added “for free” in order to create a veil of legitimacy to the Ads. Remember that for the most part the Ads you see lead to shady internet sites that could be loaded with all kind of online viruses or part of some greater scam. Exploring the Ads is just not worth the risk.

If it can’t get to you through its Ads “First Choice Tech Support” Scam may try to trick you into downloading some virus infected executable file. This could be a file that is supposedly needed by your computer or under the ruse of being free software likely targeted at solving computer problems and for system optimization. Another Note that “First Choice Tech Support” Scam may try to soften you up by creating Ads that look exactly like system messages. If you are seeing any items on the following list note that it is extremely likely that the message is a fake created by “First Choice Tech Support” Scam in order to scare you into downloading the infected executable:

  • Missing plug-ins required
  • Outdated program that needs emergency update (Java/Flash are commonly used as bait)
  • A specific video player/codec needed in order to view medina online
  • Free online scanner searched your computer and found viruses/errors/other problems
  • Many more alone the same lines

Never download and install files that appear system related while you have “First Choice Tech Support” Scam installed on your machine. The chances are there isn’t really any problem at all and “First Choice Tech Support” Scam is trying to exploit you into authorizing an authorization for another virus.


Name First Choice Tech Support
Type Adware
Detection Tool

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First Choice Tech Support Scam Removal

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