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Browser security is a very important aspect of the overall security of your whole system, yet it is something that many users do not pay enough attention to. Generally, it is advisable to only have apps and attachments added to your browser that you do indeed need. Anything that you don’t, and won’t need in the conceivable future, as well as anything that doesn’t seem to benefit you in any way should be kept away from the browser. A great example of browser apps that usually only slow-down your browser and cause irritation instead of helping you are the browser hijackers. Those are software elements that normally add some new search engine to the browser and change its homepage. They may also trigger page-redirect activities during your browsing time. The affected browser Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox or any other.

About The Virus

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 A webpage known as is something that many users have been complaining as of late. The annoyed users report that this has recently become the homepage of their browsers without them having done anything to trigger the change. If this is something you have experienced recently, then you should know that it is probably the result of the presence of a browser hijacker inside of your main browser like As we said, the replacement of the homepage is one of the main browser hijacker symptoms. And while the new homepage isn’t a particularly serious issue, it is important to address the underlying problem – the hijacker – as its presence in your computer may lead to some unpleasant consequences. One such consequence is the exposure of your computer to a variety of online hazards – some of the worst ones are Trojans, Spyware and Ransomware, and you’d definitely not want those to come near your computer.

How can be removed?

Simply changing the homepage to the one that you’d prefer to be your browser’s default would probably not do the trick – the hijacker behind would simply re-impose the as your current homepage as soon as you start a new browsing session or maybe after you restart your computer. Either way, you will need to do some digging in order to fully eliminate this annoyance. In order to get your browser back under your control, you will need to uninstall the hijacker and delete all data related to it. The guide from this page will help you do that, and in case you are unable to complete it or if it doesn’t fully take care of the issue, you can also try out the professional removal tool linked below – it is an effective solution to malware and junkware-related issues and it can also keep your machine safe in the future.

 The hijacker you are dealing with isn’t really a dangerous or malicious piece of software but it may sometimes land you on sketchy and questionable pages, which could, in turn, make your system more open to attacks from Ransomware, Trojans and other nasty virus programs.


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You can find the removal guide here.


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