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.Guvara Virus



This page aims to help you remove .Guvara Virus Ransomware for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Guvara file can be recovered.

A new Ransomware infection, named .Guvara, has recently been reported to our “How to remove” team and in the guide below, we will do our best to help its victims effectively deal with it. .Guvara has been created by hackers with malicious intentions with the goal of encrypting their victims’ files and then requesting a ransom in exchange for the locked data’s decryption. Because of this, the security professionals consider this infection to be a cryptovirus. In case that your computer has been secretly infected with this new threat, you may not have access to some personal files on your system as they may be locked with a complex encryption algorithm. You may also notice that a ransom-demanding notification may get generated on your screen, asking you to pay a ransom to a given cryptocurrency wallet.

.Guvara File Virus Ransomware

Distribution methods of .Guvara File Virus

Like most Ransomware representatives, .Guvara is distributed online with the help of different transmitters and sketchy techniques such as spam messages, fake ads, malicious email attachments, infected links, torrents, infected software installers and illegal websites. You may get your machine compromised without knowing it by simply visiting a malicious website, clicking on a suspicious link or downloading some free software and files. However, sometimes, a Trojan Horse infection may be behind the contamination with Ransomware because many Trojans may secretly create backdoors and security holes which can easily be exploited by threats like .Guvara. That’s why it is very important to take preventive measures against stealthy threats like this one and invest in reliable antimalware protection which can detect malicious processes in the background of your system and disable them. 

The encryption process of .Guvara File Virus

In order to extort money from its victims, .Guvara uses a strong encryption algorithm to lock a variety of file types. These files may be audios, videos, text documents, images, archives, spreadsheets and more. The file formats that may be targeted by the Ransomware may include .doc, .docx, .ppt, .jpeg, and many more. However, their extensions may be replaced with some new ones, which cannot be recognized by the system after the encryption takes place. In order to unlock and make the data accessible again, you are likely to get asked to pay a certain amount of money for the purchase of a special decryption key.

The hackers behind the infection would basically try to blackmail you into paying for the access to your own files. They may threaten that if you don’t make the payment on time, the special key that can open your files will be destroyed and you will never be able to open or use the encrypted data again. They may also give you a short deadline and tell you that you must pay before the given time runs out. Even if you give them your money and fulfill all of their ransom demands, however, there is no guarantee that you will recover your data because they may never send the decryption key back to you. That’s why, instead of falling for their blackmailing scheme, we suggest you use alternative solutions to remove .Guvara and then try to recover your data from backups or with the help of other available decryption options. As a start, you can follow the instructions in the removal guide below and focus on the safe removal of the infection so you’d at least have a clean computer again.


Name .Guvara
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

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Remove .Guvara File Virus Ransomware

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