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.Kiratos Virus

This page aims to help you remove .Kiratos for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Kiratos file can be recovered.

.Kiratos is the name of a new Ransomware threat and it is programmed to encrypt the files that you store on your computer and ask you to pay a sizeable amount of money in ransom for their decryption. Aside from that, this malware isn’t likely to cause any other type of harm to your system but the data lockdown alone is enough to create a lot of trouble for you, especially if you need the files that have been encrypted and don’t have backups to access them.

.Kiratos uses an advanced encryption algorithm to seal different file-types such as documents, archives, databases, images, videos, audios and more and may even change their file extension with some unknown one in order to make them unreadable for the system and any software that you may try using to open them with. This encryption algorithm can only be decrypted with a specially generated decryption key which is stored on the servers of the hackers who control the infection. The crooks normally offer you to “purchase” the key from them for an amount of money (typically requested in BitCoins) and give you a short deadline to do that, after which they threaten to permanently delete that key and leave your files encrypted forever.

Since most web users tend to keep valuable information on their computers that could be related to their work, their education or their personal life, the attack of an infection like .Kiratos could be a real nightmare and could lead to loss of important documents and data that holds professional, educational or sentimental value. Unfortunately, those who don’t have backup copies on external devices or on cloud storages won’t be able to solve this problem by simply removing the malware (though this would still be necessary). In addition to the virus’ removal, some additional steps would need to be taken to recover the files. The worst part of it is that there aren’t many alternatives that can offer full recovery from the attack of this malware and that’s why, no matter how you decide to deal with .Kiratos, you should know that you may not be able to fully get things back to normal.

Transferring money to some anonymous hackers with the hope that they will eventually send you the decryption key for your files carries a huge risk of money loss. The reason is, no matter what the crooks claim, there is absolutely no guarantee that such a key exists, let alone, that it will work and effectively reverse the encryption applied by the Ransomware. That’s why our suggestion in case you have been attacked by this malware is to postpone the ransom payment and instead explore some other methods that don’t involve giving your money to the criminals. As a start, you may like to give a try to the suggestions in the removal guide below. First, however, make sure you safely remove .Kiratos from your system because if you keep it there, every file you may manage to recover may get encrypted again, in which case all your recovery effort would have been in vain.


Name .Kiratos
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

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Remove .Kiratos

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