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Remove Price-Hero ads virus

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How the “ ads by Price-Hero ” Virus Works

Price-Hero is a classic adware virus. If you have trouble removing Price-Hero’s ads, I have prepared for you a detailed removal guide on how to do it in several steps.

Price-Hero typically presents itself as a useful tool that supposedly helps you “get more for less money.” I’m quite sure everyone would agree this is nice, but unfortunately, the truth is a bit different. Once you use Price-Hero for a little bit it becomes plenty apparent that whatever this tool helps with, it harms much more in other ways.Ads-by-Price-Hero-virus

That is the main reason it is classified as an adware virus – it can cause system problems, including crashing, slowing down etc. And then there are the ads which turn your browsing experience into a horror-show. But even that’s not the biggest problem. It turns out this tool becomes more and more malicious over time, as it may bring on other malware extensions without your knowledge.

How “ads by Price-Hero” Entered My Computer

Price-Hero, like most adware viruses, has several different paths to infecting your PC. Going on seedy and unreputable websites and clicking ads and downloading random dll files for games are two prominent ways.

However something else entirely is the most common reason. It’s called “bundling.” That is to say whenever you download free software, like toolbars or optimization tools, there is a chance that they will come with something akin to “ads by Price-Hero”

One quick insurance that you do not come to regret installing the freeware, is to issue a Custom Installation. Just guide the process’ steps and see if the program asks you if you want it to install some bonus content. If it does, I’m willing to bet that 2 out of 3 times it’s going to be something you’d later want to remove (“ads by Price-Hero” is actually a great example).

I’m taking the liberty here to give you my opinion on something – I think it’s best to avoid freeware altogether. Catching a virus infection is potentially much worse that any practical benefit such programs could give you.

How Harmful is “ads by Price-Hero”?

The longer Price-Hero has reign over your computer, the bigger the problems get. If you just noticed it, remove it quickly before it messes up your system, big time. Some viruses, this one included, generally collect your browsing history, cookies and the like. That in itself is worrisome, but things get even worse. Can you ever be 100% sure that “ads by Price-Hero” doesn’t collect your personal information too? Your passwords, bank account numbers?

I personally wouldn’t risk, but don’t worry – such cases are not the rule, they’re the exception.

How To Remove Ads by Price-Hero

What follows is a  several step guide on how to easily remove Ads by Price-Hero first from your PC, then from your browsers.

STEP 1: Removing Ads by Price-Hero From Windows

Substep 1. 

 For Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Users:

First, click the Start button (the windows key) —–>Control Panel —–Programs and Features or (for Windows XP) Add/Remove Programs.pic 1

Proceed to Substep 2.


 For Windows 8 users:First, right click down on the left side of your screen. The Quick Access Menu should appear —–> Control Panel —–Uninstall a Program. Proceed to Substep 2.


pic 2

For Mac (OS X) Users:

Click Go at the top left —–> Applications.

Proceed to Substep 2.


Substep 2.

For all Windows Users:

Look for a program called “Ads by Price-Hero” and click Uninstall.

Sometimes the virus will operate under a different name. If you can not find it as “Ads by Price-Hero”, click on the column titled Installed On. This will arrange programs by their installation date. Look for all recently added programs that seem suspicious and click Uninstall on them.

You are not done, however. Proceed to STEP 2.

For Mac (OS X) Users:

Find a program called Ads by Price-Hero, then right click on it and select Move to Trash.

If you can not find such a program, click the Date Modified column, and look for recent additions of programs you don’t know about. Right click on each of them—–Move to Trash.

Proceed to STEP 2.

STEP 2: Removing Ads by Price-Hero from your browser(s)

For Internet Explorer Users:

Open the browser, then click on the small Gear icon on the top right —–> Manage Add-ons.

internet explorer manage add-ons

Once there, you should look for Ads by Price-Hero or any other extension or plugin you feel may be unsafe. Click Disable on it/them.

If for some reason. you Home Page was changed from the one you prefer (viruses, especially adware, tend to do that) click on the Gear icon —–Internet Options. From there you just edit the URL box, dispose of the unwanted link, and put in what you like, then click Apply.


Proceed to STEP 3.


For Mozilla Firefox Users:

Open the browser, click on the Menu icon on the top right (three lines) —–> Add-ons.

.mozilla firefox add-ons

Then you just click Extensions.

mozilla firefox extensions

Here you should find Ads by Price-Hero or anything you think may be a virus, then click Remove.

Proceed to STEP 3.


For Google Chrome Users:


Enter the browser. At the top right click on the Menu icon —–>Tools —–Extensions.

google chrome extensions

Once in Extensions, find ” Ads by Price-Hero” and anything you believe may be dangerous, and click the little Trash icon on the right.

pic 8

You are almost done! Now click on the Menu icon on top for a second time, and go to Settings. In Settings, find the Search section (the fourth one from top),then click Manage Search Engines. In there you should remove any search sites you do not use.

google chrome settings

Proceed to STEP 3.


For Safari Users:

Open Safari, and click the Safari button on the top left —–>Preferences —–Extensions

Find “Ads by Price-Hero” and/or other possible virus extensions, then click Uninstall.

Proceed to STEP 3 .

STEP 3: Checking For Ads by Price-Hero Leftovers

Right Click on the Time at the bottom right of your screen, then click Start Task Manager. From there click Processes on the band above, and try to find any of the following processes:

  • Ads by Price-Hero-nova.exe
  • Ads by Price-Hero-bg.exe
  • Ads by Price-Hero.exe

windows task manager

If none of those are present in your task manager, then you are in the clear. If one or all of them are present, you need to go back to STEP 1 and see what you missed there.

“Ads by Ads by Price-Hero”Warning! There is a step 4, but you should proceed with it ONLY IF your efforts up until now failed to remove Ads by Price-Hero.

STEP 4: Reset Your Browser (OPTIONAL)

In this step, you will reset your browser to its original state. Home pages, toolbars, history and cookies will all be lost, so you should do this ONLY if everything else failed.

For Internet Explorer Users:

Click on the Gear icon at the top right —–> Internet Options. There you click on Advanced on the right side of the band, then Reset.  On the pop-up that will appear, tick Delete Personal Settings, then Reset and finally hit Close. This should remove Ads by Price-Hero and all other unwanted extensions from your browser.


For Mozilla Firefox Users:

Click the Menu button —–> Help. On the right, click Troubleshooting Information, and then Reset Firefox, again on the right. Finalize everything by hitting Reset Firefox in the pop-up that will appear, then Finish.


For Google Chrome Users:

Click on the Menu button at the top right —–> Settings —–Reset Browser Settings. There click Reset on the pop-up to confirm and that should remove Ads by Price-Hero.


For Safari Users:

Open Safari —–> Safari —–Reset Safari. A window with several checkboxes should appear. All of them need to be ticked, then click Reset to finalize the removal process of Ads by Price-Hero.


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