Pusherism.com “Virus”

Most add-ons for your Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox or whatever other browsing program you normally use tend to be useful or at least not undesirable. However, there’s one particular type of software components that closely resemble browser add-ons but instead of helping you, they actually tend to get in your way and obstruct you every time you attempt to browser the Internet. The type of software that we are referring to are the browser hijackers. Any software components that falls under this category would normally function as a part of your browser but instead of being helpful and useful, it would most likely irritate and obstruct you by making unwanted changes to your browser’s homepage, search engine tool, toolbar or new-tab page. Also, you will probably experience frequent page redirects and display of intrusive web ads while you are browsing if there’s a hijacker app inside your browser. All of this could, of course, lead to conclusions such as that you have had some nasty virus like a Trojan or a Ransomware version infect your computer. However, if you are indeed dealing with a hijacker and not some other, more hazardous and problematic type of software, the chances are that your PC is relatively safe, at least for the time being. Hijackers apps and software components are normally not seen as malicious software but you should know that they are still regarded as unwanted. The reason hijackers are unwanted isn’t only because they tend to be really annoying with their constant generation of blinking boxes, pop-ups and banners and with their page redirects and browser changes but also because there are certain risks that can be associated with this type of software. We will tell you more about the hazards that could come with hijackers further down in this article but for now you should know that it’s pretty much always preferable if you make sure to uninstall any such apps that might have found their way inside your system so as to prevent potential system damage in the future.

The Pusherism.com hijacker

There are thousands of hijacker apps out there and pretty much every day new ones get created. Currently, one of the latest examples is the so-called Pusherism.com browser hijacker. Similarly to its predecessors, it is an irritating app with browser-altering and page-redirecting abilities. Naturally, the main purpose of this piece of software is to earn money for the people who’ve created it through the ads it displays. You might have already heard about revenue-generation models such as Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View – this is exactly the type of methods that apps like Pusherism.com employ in order to make money for their creators. Of course, the end-user hardly ever benefits from any of that in any way. Hijackers are pretty much always created to serve the needs of their developers and it is quite rare for an app with hijacker traits to actually offer the end-user with something helpful and beneficial. In fact, you could say that the main difference between browser hijackers and browser extensions that support themselves with ads is the presence/absence of a useful element. Of course, oftentimes it is the user who actually decides if the app is wanted on their PC or if it should be removed. Still, we are here to tell you the risks of keeping a hijacker on your computer an the ways you could get rid of Pusherism.com if that’s what you’d rather do.

As far as the said risks are concerned, while Pusherism.com might not directly harm your files or system, you should keep a safe distance away from the advertising materials coming from it. Although this doesn’t happen too often, some hijackers could, at times, generate ads that originate from shady sources and that might be used for distributing and spreading malware infections like Ransomware, Spyware, Trojans and other similar threat. That is why it’s usually best if you simply do away with the hijacker in order to cease the stream of ads coming to your browsing screen.

The importance of being careful while installing new programs

One of the most common ways users tend to get hijacker apps installed on their computers is by installing some other program and forgetting to explore the options in the setup wizard. In many cases, there could be a hijacker or some other similar undesirable software component bundled with the installer and if the user doesn’t manually disable it, it would normally get installed alongside the main software piece by default. You could, however, easily uncheck and thus disable the added/bundled app – just make sure to have a look inside the Advanced setup menu since this is where the settings related to the added contents are usually located. Once there, simply remove the checkmarks next to the bonus elements that you don’t want to be in your PC and then you could safely move on with the rest of the installation process.


Name Pusherism.com
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Remove Pusherism.com “Virus”

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