Technologietazo Virus

If you think that you have had a browser hijacker such as installed on your machine, then you are most likely right since such apps are rather difficult not to notice. Unlike malware infections from malicious programs like Spyware, Trojan Horses and Ransomware cryptoviruses, a hijacker the likes of is not going to try to hide its presence on your computer. Redirect

Quite the contrary – most browser hijackers tend to initiate all sorts of ads generation and page-redirects as well as impose various modifications on the settings of the default browser such as changes to the search engine, the toolbar and the stating and new-tab page URL addresses. All of that is done with the purpose of promoting different products, sites, applications, services and programs and no browser can be considered immune against that. Even some of the safest browser programs out there like Chrome, Firefox and even Safari may get a hijacker installed on them if the user isn’t careful enough and downloads some free app installer with the hijacker bundled to it and forgets to uncheck the installation of the bundled component (which, in this case is the unwanted hijacker). Other ways of getting an app like installed on your computer are also possible – opening questionable spam email attachments, visiting sketchy sites or sites with adult contents, opening random shady online advertisements and agreeing to install automatic updates that get requested to you from websites with low reputation are all potential ways of landing a hijacker. 

The Technologietazo Virus

Understandably, if you have the Technologietazo virus or another similar application on your computer, you’d likely want to uninstall it since it doesn’t do anything useful and mostly gets in the way. To easily do that, we advise you to follow the removal instructions presented below or use the specialized anti-malware tool that we have included in our the removal guide.

Staying away from hijackers is important from your system’s safety

A big problem with such software apps that many people actually forget about is that, although hijackers are generally not harmful by themselves, they may still lead to the exposure of your machine to a variety of online threats like nasty cryptovirus Ransomware infections, Spyware espionage programs, Trojan Horses and many more. This can happen if you click on an add coming from the hijacker that isn’t what it seems and is actually a redirect link to some shady and potentially illegal website or phishing webpage. This doesn’t happen all that often and hijackers are usually not purposefully programmed to generate unsafe commercial messages on the users’ screens but the very fact that this is still a real possibility and a lot of users have had this happen to them should be enough of a reason for you to eliminate and never allow it or a similar app to get installed on your computer again. Also, never forget to keep your computer safe and to avoid anything that can potentially expose it to harm especially when you are on the Internet using your browser.


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How To Remove 

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.
You can find the removal guide here.


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