Torii Botnet Virus

This page aims to help you remove Torii Botnet. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

The malicious consequences that you may face in case that a Trojan Horse like Torii Botnet has managed to infect your PC could be quite frightening. Such a malware is really one of the worst that you may come across in terms of how harmful its capabilities may be. That’s why it is a good idea to carefully acquaint yourself with its specifics before you decide on how to deal with it. A Trojan horse could cause problems of different kinds to your PC and to compromise your virtual security in a number of ways. Detecting it on time could also be a challenge because it hardly ever triggers any visible symptoms of its presence. The users, who have had the misfortune of getting infected with Torii Botnet might need special assistance in order to correctly detect and remove the virus from the computer. That’s why, in the next lines, we have published a step-by-step removal guide with manual instructions which are dedicated to helping them catch and safely eliminate the threat. An important factor, that needs to be mentioned before you decide how to deal with the malware is its stealthiness. In most of the cases, it is rather difficult to correctly identify Torii Botnet by simply looking at potential symptoms. The reason is, the Trojan tries to remain hidden for as long as possible in order to serve the criminal needs of its creators. That’s why, oftentimes, it may resemble a completely legitimate system file which cannot be distinguished without the help of professional antivirus software. For this reason, those of you who find it difficult to deal with Torii Botnet manually and are not sure which the actual malicious files and processes that need to be deleted are, are advised to not experiment with their malware-removal skills. It is safer for them to scan their PC with the professional removal tool for automatic assistance, which is included in the guide in order to avoid unintentional system damage.


A very specific characteristic of the Trojan Horses is their unmatched versatility. Unlike most of the computer viruses which are programmed to perform a single malicious task, threats such as Torii Botnet could launch many different criminal activities one after the other. They can also oftentimes be re-programmed on the go to serve other harmful tasks. That’s why it is really not possible for us to tell you what exactly to expect from such threats and what type of damage they may cause to you and to the other victims. Below, we will list only some of the most common uses of the representatives of the Trojan Horse category, but you should keep in mind that there could be other harmful effects, which may not be mentioned here. Generally, it is entirely up to the hackers to decide how to use their malicious creation and what criminal deeds to perform with its help, but here are some of the most probable uses:

  • A System intruder – One of the most common things that a Trojan horse could do once it gets into the system is to corrupt important system files, mess with the installed software and set some modifications which may serve the hackers’ criminal agenda. Such actions may result in general instability of the OS, sudden crashes, system errors, significant slow-down of the performance or worse – a total system corruption, which could render the infected machine unusable.
  • A transmitter of other viruses – Apart from harming the system directly, very often, the Trojan horse could be programmed to insert other viruses inside the infected computer. The security experts warn that an infection such as Torii Botnet could operate as a backdoor for other common threats such as Ransomware, Banking Malware, Spyware or Rootkits and help them sneak inside the system undetected.
  • A tool for espionage – In some cases, the hackers controlling the Trojan may not be interested in corrupting your PC and might instead be trying to spy on you. They may gather sensitive information about your personal or professional life, your location, your home and all the activities that you perform from the infected computer. With the help of all this data, they could easily harass you in a number of ways.

Because of its stealthy nature and extremely harmful behavior, the most effective way to catch and remove the Trojan horse from the system is to scan the machine with a reliable security program. If you don’t have such a program or it has been blocked by the malware, you can try to use the professional Torii Botnet removal tool on this page and combine it with the manual instructions in the removal guide to ensure that you have effectively dealt with this virus.


Name Torii Botnet
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

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Remove Torii Botnet

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