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A majority of antivirus programs have detected the virus using 12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t  Bitcoin Wallet. You can see the attached report from VirusTotal below:

12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t Email virus detected by multiple antivirus programs

Many users reached to us for help about a malicious email with the following text in Polish:

Muszę się z Tobą podzielić złą wiadomością. Jakieś parę miesięcy temu dostałem dostęp do Twoich urządzeń, których używasz do przeglądania Internetu. Po tym zacząłem śledzić Twoją aktywność w Internecie. Gdy zbierałem o Tobie informacje, odkryłem, że jesteś wielkim fanem stron dla dorosłych. Naprawdę kochasz odwiedzanie stron porno i oglądanie ekscytujących filmów, otrzymując przy tym ogromną ilość przyjemności. No cóż, udało mi się nagrać parę sprośnych scen z tobą i zmontowałem parę filmów, które pokazują, jak się do nich masturbujesz i osiągasz orgazmy. Jeśli masz wątpliwości, paroma kliknięciami myszy mogę wysłać te filmy do wszystkich twoich znajomych, kolegów i rodziny. Nie mam też z problemu z tym, by udostępnić je publicznie. Zakładam, że naprawdę nie chcesz, by tak się stało, biorąc pod uwagę typy filmów, które lubisz oglądać (dokładnie wiesz, o co mi chodzi), może to dla Ciebie oznaczać prawdziwą katastrofę. Umówmy się tak: Przelejesz mi 1250 EUR (w ekwiwalencie bitcoin, wedle kursu wymiany w momencie transferu funduszy), a gdy otrzymam transfer, usunę całe to sprośne gówno. Po tym zapomnimy o sobie nawzajem. Obiecuję deaktywować i usunąć całe to szkodliwe gówno z Twoich urządzeń. Możesz mi zaufać, dotrzymuję słowa. To dobry układ, a cena jest dość niska, biorąc pod uwagę sprawdzanie Twojego profilu i aktywności od jakiegoś czasu. W razie jakbyś nie wiedział, jak kupić i przesłać bitcoiny – możesz użyć dowolnej nowoczesnej wyszukiwarki. Oto mój portfel bitcoina: 12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t Masz mniej niż 48 godzin od momentu otwarcia tego emaila (dokładnie 2 dni).

There are all sorts of malicious and dangerous software programs throughout the Internet and if you are not careful every time you go online, you risk landing some nasty cyber threat on your PC that could cause some really serious problems. A recently detected example of a very dangerous PC virus is an insidious piece of software called 12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t . This is a representative of the Trojan Horse category of viruses, like Porn Blackmail  and 14tfS3yWL2cABhXVJZ97XRhuDXC69aWH6Y. As you likely already know, Trojan Horses are among the nastiest of online threats you could possibly come across while browsing the World Wide Web and 12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t is one of the newest members of this malware family. As such, this noxious program is highly dangerous and stealthy and big number of users have already faced the potential consequences from having such a virus on their computers. We assume that a lot of the people who are currently reading this write-up have also had their PCs infiltrated by this dangerous and highly problematic Trojan Horse version. If that is your case as well, we might have some good news for you. At the bottom of the article you’re currently reading, you will find that there’s a removal guide with steps that show how one can potentially locate the insidious piece of malware inside their PC and manually eliminate it. However, since the manual approach towards solving this issue might not be for everyone and might not always be fully effective, we have also made sure to add a suggested removal program for malware within the guide. You can use that tool as an alternative to the manual instructions or you could combine the two methods for maximum results (this is actually what we’d advise you to do). Now, before we show you the guide, we need to tell you some more information about 12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t   and the category it belongs to so that you are better acquainted with the typical traits and characteristic features of this malware class.

Trojan Horse stealth

A major factor that plays a big role in the ability of Trojans to infect most computers and execute their criminal tasks on them is the fact that the majority of cyber threats that belong to this virus category are deprive of any specific infection symptoms. This means that a Trojan like 12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t Bitcoin Wallet could potentially attack your computer and infiltrate its system without you noticing anything out of the ordinary. Due to this, many users do not realize that their machines have gotten compromised by some dangerous virus or at least not until the task of the malicious program has already been carried out and the damage has already been caused. This, however, doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to be looking out for potential symptoms and red flags. With any luck, if you are vigilant enough, you might potentially spot the infection and take counteraction before the malware has fulfilled its purpose. Some of the infection indications that might sometimes give away the virus are increased use of CPU, GPU and RAM, random errors or odd blinking windows on your screen, sudden crashes and freezes as well as other similar system behavior irregularities that seem to be occurring for no visible reason.

One other important aspect of the stealthiness of most Trojans is how they manage to infect the targeted computer in the first place. Most such viruses use sources that are supposed to look harmless on first view. Such sources could be random spam e-mails, misleading offers and adverts that might be showing in your browser when you are visiting some sketchy site or if you have some adware program on your PC, pirated downloadable content, illegal streaming sites or sites with adult content and so on. The possibilities are endless and we cannot list all the possible ways a Trojan Horse virus could get to you. However, what we can say is that you need to always be on your guard when browsing the online world in order to manage to stay away from anything that could be a potential threat.

Trojan Horse-related damage

Many Trojans are used for system and data corruption and for information theft. However, those are only some of the many capabilities of those viruses. Other problems that most typical Trojans could cause are draining your online banking accounts, spying on your activities on your computer and on you personally (through your webcam) and even taking control over your machine and using it for criminal tasks like DDoS or spam e-mail campaigns as a part of the hacker’s botnet. The aforementioned possibilities are only the most frequently encountered ones but there are many other insidious tasks that Trojans like 12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t could be employed for. Due to this, we cannot be sure what this virus would try to do in your particular case but what we can tell you is that you should really consider cleaning your PC before any serious harm has been done to your machine and/or to your virtual privacy.


Name 12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

 Remove 12GeGbVgjGhRGiE8fLXkwJVheoD2xfuZ3t Bitcoin Email Virus

You are dealing with a malware infection that can restore itself unless you remove its core files. We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that gets regularly updated. It covers in-depth instructions on how to:
1. Locate and scan malicious processes in your task manager.
2. Identify in your Control panel any programs installed with the malware, and how to remove them. Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker that gets installed with a lot of malware.
3. How to clean up and reset your browser to its original settings without the malware returning. You can find the removal guide here.

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