.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal.VVV File Extension Virus Removal.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

This page aims to help you remove File .VVV Virus Extension. These File .VVV Virus Extension removal instructions work for all versions of Windows. “Teslacrypt vvv” is a phrase that has been coming up a lot in the last few days – and to clarify, Teslacrypt vvv means that this virus is a newer version of Teslacrypt with improved encryption. “vvv ウイルス” roughly translated as “vvv virus” is something we’ve received in our mail box, showing that the virus has infected japanese users.

If you were recently been greeted on your desktop by a nasty message that informed you that all of your files were encrypted – well we are sorry to say that you’ve become the latest victim of File .VVV Virus Extension. We’ll try to help you both with removing this Ransomware virus. as well as with recovering your files. Do not believe any warning created by the virus to scare you into submission. Encrypted files can be sometimes recovered by alternative means, as you will soon see. Only consider paying the ransom if you’ve tried everything written here and you still have encrypted files that you need !

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

The File .VVV Virus Extension in action

File .VVV Virus Extension – how it works and its preferred method of infection

This is a Ransomware type of virus. These viruses have existed ever since the nineties, but they only became very popular after 2010. The most successful of their kind are Cryptowall and Cryptlocker – security experts suspect that those two earned over 10 million dollars to their creators. Most newer Ransomware viruses are off-shoots and spin-offs from these originators, including Teslacrypt vvv.

File .VVV Virus Extension behaves like a typical ransomware. It is delivered by a Trojan Horse or (rarely) installed directly via an infected site, email attachment or Adware Ad. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU SCAN YOUR COMPUTER FOR ANY OF THOSE! Once vvv ウイルス is inside the computer it will categorize all of your files and begin encrypting them with the help of an encryption key. Once each file is encrypted the original is deleted and only the encrypted copy remains. This encrypted copy is useless to you – unless you obtain the encryption key the hackers want to sell you.

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

Don’t panic! File .VVV Virus Extension can be dealt with

Despite what messages File .VVV Virus Extension is displaying on your screen it can be safely handled. If you try to explore the alternative recovery methods illustrated in our guide your data will be safe. Even if we are not completely successful in recovering everything you can always try paying the ransom demand later if your files are that important to you. Of course the hackers want to make you believe otherwise. Recovering the files yourself means no profit for them.

Important! Don’t forget you are dealing with criminals and blackmailers. These people are under no obligation to restore your data even if you pay the money to them. They will also offer you no support if the key they give you doesn’t work. If you try to give them any money you are basically at their mercy – and “Teslacrypt vvv” means that the encryption is harder to break than ever.

Instead of decrypting the files (which is indeed a futile effort) we will try to recover the original files that were deleted by the virus. Before we do that, however, we need to make certain vvv ウイルス itself is uninstalled from your machine, otherwise it will automatically encrypt everything. You can find the detailed instructions on how to do both of these things in the guide below.


Name File .VVV Virus Extension
Type Ransomware
Danger Level High (these types of viruses are among the most dangerous – all affected data is made unusable and cannot always be recovered). There also may be a Trojan in your system.
Symptoms Seemingly random extensions added to all of your files and they can no longer be accessed.
Distribution Method Usually with the help of a Trojan Horse virus. Check your system!
Detection Tool Malware and Adware are notoriously difficult to track down, since they actively try to deceive you. Use this professional parasite scanner to make sure you find all files related to the infection.Sponsored

1: Enter Safe Mode.
2: Remove File .VVV Virus Extension from your system.
3: Permanently delete File .VVV Virus Extension from Task Manager’s processes.
4: Uninstall the virus from Regedit and Msconfig.

File .VVV Virus Extension

Things readers are interested in:

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

Reboot in Safe Mode (use this guide if you don’t know how to do it).

This is just the first preparation.

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

The first mandatory thing is to allow you to see Hidden Files and Folders. Each version of Windows does this slightly differently.

  • I repeat – it’s extremely important you do this. .VVV may have hidden some of its files and you need to see them to delete them. 

Hold the Start Key and R againbut this time copy + paste the following and click OK:

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

A .txt file will open – don’t type or change it. If you are hacked and someone has access to your PC, there will be a bunch of other IPs connected to you at the bottom. This is what a hosts file looks like:

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

If there are a bunch of strange IPs connecting to you below “Localhost” you may be hacked, and it’s best to ask us in the comments for directions.

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

Right click on each of the malware processes separately and select Open File Location. Also, End the process after you open the folder. Just to make sure we don’t delete any programs you mistakenly took for a malware, copy the folders somewhere, then delete the directories you were sent to. There’s a good chance File .VVV Virus Extension is hiding somewhere in here.


Right click on each of the virus processes separately and select Open File LocationEnd the process after you open the folder. Just to make sure we don’t delete any programs you mistakenly took for a virus, copy the folders somewhere, then delete the directories you were sent to.

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

Take a look at the following things:

Type msconfig in the search field and hit enter: you will be transported to a Pop Up window.

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

Go in the Startup tab and Uncheck entries that have “Unknown” as Manufacturer.

Type Regedit in the windows search field and press Enter.

Once inside, press CTRL and F together and type the virus’s Name. Right click and delete any entries you find with a similar name. If you can’t find them this way, look in these directories, and delete/uninstall the registries manually:

    1. Type regedit in the Windows Search Field. Search for the ransomware (try typing its name) in your registries and delete anything with that name. But be extremely careful – if you delete the wrong thing here, you can damage your system.
    2. Type %temp% in the Windows Search Field and delete all the files in the folder you are transported to.

Remember to leave us a comment if you run into any trouble!

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

How to Decrypt files infected with File .VVV Virus Extension

There is only one known way to remove this virus successfully, barring actually giving in the to the demands of the people who created the virus – reversing your files to a time when they were not infected.

There are two options you have for this:

The first is to do a full system restore. This can take care of the file extension for you completely. To do this just type System Restore in the windows search field and choose a restore point. Click Next until done.

.VVV File Extension Virus Removal

Your second option is a program called Shadow Volume Copies.

Open the Shadow Explorer part of the package and choose the Drive (C or D usually) you want to restore information from. Right click on any file you want to restore and click Export on it.

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