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Remove Ads by PopShopCoupon

You have been infected by Ads by PopShopCoupon? This article is dedicated to removing Ads by PopShopCoupon and all related files.

Ads by PopShopCoupon is a pop-up malware (or virus, whatever you prefer) that should be removed from your system before things get out of hand. While it presents itself as something that enhances your browsing experience, in reality this extensions offers little more than annoyance and outright unpleasantness. Hyperlinks appear on practically every page, together with advertisements and pop-ups that show you exactly what Ads by PopShopCoupon means by “enhancements” – making the time on your PC a living nightmare. If you have difficulties discerning this virus from the tons of other malware of that kind, the picture below should clarify if indeed this is what infiltrated your system.

My recommendation is that you remove this stain on your PC immediately, as Ads by PopShopCoupon will attempt to bring other viruses on your hard disk.

How was I infected by Ads by PopShopCoupon?

Generally there are several ways Ads by PopShopCoupon may come aboard. Going to unreputable and malicious site whose credibility can’t be guaranteed is one way. Or for example, through corrupted links or ads you click (streaming sites are a common way where such advertisements are displayed). Yet none is more common than the practice of bundling.  If you recall heading (or being lured to) a freeware website, then that is a likely candidate for where you got Ads by PopShopCoupon.

The “why” in here can be very easy to answer. Freeware providers are publicly rumored to receive compensation to include malware in their bundles. Third parties create the adware for two specific reasons:

  • To use you to make pay per click revenue.
  • Or to promote their affiliate websites (again through you).

In both cases you are an unwilling accomplice to whoever created the likes of Ads by PopShopCoupon. My personal opinion is that from now on you should shy away from any free software you encounter. Not only is it rarely worth it, but you can also give yourself a ton of headaches if you’re not careful.

How Harmful is Ads by PopShopCoupon?

As I mentioned, by itself Ads by PopShopCoupon isn’t much of a threat – it’s the other malware it invites you should beware. The majority of them are also adware, but unfortunately some are more serious. It’s an unproven, but generally accepted rumor that some of the viruses Ads by PopShopCoupon likes to take, collect cookies and browsing information. If at some point one of these manages to take a hold of your passwords, then not only personal information, but also your bank accounts may be severely compromised.

WARNING! A big shoutout to all readers here. Adware are very well-known for continuously tracking browsing information, and gathering cookies, account names and passwords. The information is sent to whoever created the virus about a week after the gathering commences. Change the passwords to all accounts connected to your credit cards.

How to Remove Ads by PopShopCoupon

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.

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