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This category covers the News section of HowToRemove.Guide. We primarily focus on news in the security and anti-malware industry, but not limited to them, as we have recently engaged in broader interests related to browsers, operating systems and their relationship to hardware.

User experience  has become a driving factor on the internet, merging areas which were once clearly separated. A prime subject in this is the intersection between the user privacy we all covet and how new features introduced to safeguard that privacy can be exploited by malware creators.


In a technological world of rapid change, we at HowToRemove.Guide need to be fully aware of how that world changes to ensure we can be at the driving edge of knowledge on what malware creators can use against every day users.

And the first step to that is to be constantly informed of all coming changes.


ZuoRat Malware attacks SOHO routers since 2020

Remote employees in North America and Europe have been targeted by a newly found multistage remote access Trojan (RAT) named ZuoRAT. According to the information that is revealed, the malware has been abusing SOHO routers since 2020. Lumen’s...


Mandiant has no proof of being LockBit 2.0’s newest victim

A well-known ransomware organization said that it had successfully hacked Mandiant cybersecurity company and is intending to publish the stolen data as a result. Monday afternoon, a Mandiant official spokesperson informed that the company is aware...


GoodWill Ransomware will force you to do good deeds

The GoodWill Ransomware Researchers have discovered a new ransomware strain called GoodWill that forces victims to donate money to charitable organizations and help those in need, rather than extort money from victims. The GoodWill Ransomware...