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This category covers the News section of HowToRemove.Guide. We primarily focus on news in the security and anti-malware industry, but not limited to them, as we have recently engaged in broader interests related to browsers, operating systems and their relationship to hardware.

User experience  has become a driving factor on the internet, merging areas which were once clearly separated. A prime subject in this is the intersection between the user privacy we all covet and how new features introduced to safeguard that privacy can be exploited by malware creators.


In a technological world of rapid change, we at HowToRemove.Guide need to be fully aware of how that world changes to ensure we can be at the driving edge of knowledge on what malware creators can use against every day users.

And the first step to that is to be constantly informed of all coming changes.


Altered COVID-19 Vaccine details

Hackers altered stolen COVID vaccine papers A cyber-attack on the European Union’s medical agency that was revealed last month, allowed hackers to steal information on COVID-19 vaccines, alter it, and then make it available online. According to the...


SolarLeaks offers the data that has been stolen

SolarLeaks.net A new website identified as “SolarLeaks” offers data believed to have been looted by companies that were compromised by the SolarWinds attack. Last month, SolarWinds was disclosed to have experienced a sophisticated cyber attack which...


Researchers connect the Sunburst attack to Kazuar malware.

New research on the SolarWinds’ software breach has shown some relation between the backdoor used in the attack and a malware strain that has previously been identified. Security professionals have reported that they have found some features that...


RokRat Trojan

RokRat According to reports, last December, security researchers have identified a malicious document that executes a macro in memory when it is opened. The role of this document is to install the RokRat Trojan remote access tool (RAT) without being...


Baidu collecting sensitive user data

Baidu apps Two apps for Android developed by the Chinese tech company Baidu were reported back in October 2020 for gathering sensitive details about its users and have been consequently removed from the official Google Play Store. The apps in...


Adobe Flash is officially gone

Uninstall Adobe Flash Player The end of one of the most controversial years came with an end to one of the most criticized browser plug-ins. Adobe Flash support officially stopped on 31st of December 2020, so it is time to uninstall Flash on your...


T-Mobile reported a data breach

The telecom giant T-Mobile has reported a breach that has exposed proprietary network information (CPNI) of its customers.  According to the information that has been disclosed, the data that has been affected includes telephone numbers and call...