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This category covers the News section of HowToRemove.Guide. We primarily focus on news in the security and anti-malware industry, but not limited to them, as we have recently engaged in broader interests related to browsers, operating systems and their relationship to hardware.

User experience  has become a driving factor on the internet, merging areas which were once clearly separated. A prime subject in this is the intersection between the user privacy we all covet and how new features introduced to safeguard that privacy can be exploited by malware creators.


In a technological world of rapid change, we at HowToRemove.Guide need to be fully aware of how that world changes to ensure we can be at the driving edge of knowledge on what malware creators can use against every day users.

And the first step to that is to be constantly informed of all coming changes.


Patch another Zero-day exploit of Google Chrome

A new Zero-day vulnerability was reported to Google anonymously on June 15, according to Srinivas Sista, Chrome’s technical program manager.  The flaw has been tracked as CVE-2021-30554 and, as per the information that is available, Google is...


The Clop ransomware major gang arrested

On Wednesday, Ukrainian law enforcement authorities announced the arrest of the ransomware gang that stays behind the Clop ransomware. The officials claimed that they have also hit the infrastructure used in attacks targeting victims all over the...


Critical ThroughTek Flaw

A security advisory published on Tuesday by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) warns ThroughTek software users  of a supply-chain vulnerability that, if exploited, may allow threat actors to gain unauthorized access to...


Chinese hackers accused of the recent Air India data breach

New analysis has indicated that the attack on Air India, that lasted for nearly three months, and emanated from a threat actor from China known as APT41. On 21st of May, India’s flag carrier airline, Air India, announced that it suffered a...


SteamHide Malware found within the Steam profile images

The SteamHide Malware While you may not know it, there is malware hidden within the Steam profile images. Codenamed SteamHide, experts suspect that this new malware loader is part of a large-scale operation. Researchers have found that the Steam...


Google Chrome rolled out an urgent update

The Google Chrome urgent update Google Chrome version 91.0.4472.101 is now available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux users. The announcement came on Wednesday when Google rolled out an urgent update for Chrome to fix 14 flaws, one of which has...


Hundreds of criminals arrested due to hacked An0m app

The An0m app A significant hacking operation was carried out by Australian and American law enforcement agencies in order to breach an encrypted communications network that was being utilized by criminal organizations. An0m app Police agencies...


VMware vCenter Server exploited by threat actors

The VMware vCenter Server Vulnerability Vulnerabilities detected on the VMware vCenter Server and the VMware Cloud Foundation have been reported to be actively targeted by hackers in the wild. Companies utilizing these software solutions must...


Google PPC Ads used to deliver Credential-stealers

Several newly-emerged credential-stealing threats, including Redline and Taurus, are being distributed via pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements in Google’s search results. In an advisory published on Wednesday, researchers from the security...