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This category covers the News section of HowToRemove.Guide. We primarily focus on news in the security and anti-malware industry, but not limited to them, as we have recently engaged in broader interests related to browsers, operating systems and their relationship to hardware.

User experience  has become a driving factor on the internet, merging areas which were once clearly separated. A prime subject in this is the intersection between the user privacy we all covet and how new features introduced to safeguard that privacy can be exploited by malware creators.


In a technological world of rapid change, we at HowToRemove.Guide need to be fully aware of how that world changes to ensure we can be at the driving edge of knowledge on what malware creators can use against every day users.

And the first step to that is to be constantly informed of all coming changes.


Source code for Microsoft Azure, Exchange, and Intune stolen

Source code for Microsoft Azure, Exchange, and Intune stolen by the SolarWinds hackers. This Thursday, Microsoft announced that the malicious actors behind the infamous SolarWinds hack have managed to steal source code related to the company’s...


Centreon monitoring software exploited

Centreon monitoring software was exploited by hackers to compromise IT providers. The French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) came up with an announcement that unknown hackers have compromised enterprise servers operating the Centreon...


Ransomware gangs adopt new tactics

New techniques for money extortion are being embraced by Ransomware gangs. The money-extortion strategies that ransomware groups have been using lately have evolved significantly compared to what we have seen in the last couple of years. The...


Cyberpunk 2077 Ransomware

Cyberpunk Ransomware Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 source code was sold to an unknown purchaser. The sale happened after the developer CD Projekt failed to satisfy the hackers’ ransom demands. CD Projekt RED suffered a breach in their server...


Libgcrypt with an urgent update for the GnuPG software

Libgcrypt 1.9.0 has a severe flaw related to security and is not safe to use, according to its author Werner Koch. Libgcrypt is a cryptographic library for general purposes that is widely used by GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), a free encryption program...


Emotet botnet is finally taken down

The joint actions of law enforcement agencies and judicial entities around the world have brought the infamous EMOTET botnet down. EMOTET was one of the most long-lasting professional cybercrime services on the web. The malware has been a go-to...


Hacking group ShinyHunters exposes Teespring users’ data

ShinyHunters Teespring’s data has been leaked by a well-known hacking group called ShinyHunters. The ShinyHunters is a famous name in the cyber circles. Over the years, the group has hacked and released consumer data from hundreds of businesses...


Gamarue Malware found on school-given laptops

Gamarue Gamarue Trojan malware has been detected in a number of refurbished laptops given by the government to disadvantaged children in England. The infected devices have been infected with malware that appears to be communicating with a C2 network...


Malwarebytes compromised by SolarWinds hackers

The US-based Cyber Security Firm Malwarebytes was compromised by SolarWinds Hackers. This news was disclosed on Tuesday in a publication by the co-founder and CEO of the company, Marcin Kleczynski. The cybersecurity company said the same criminal...


DeroHE ransomware distributed through IOBit forums

Over the weekend, members of the IObit forums have reported that that they have received a phishing email awarding forum members “a free 1-year license” with a download link. As per the available details in forums, the message was signed...