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This category covers the “Tips” section of HowToRemove.Guide. Our team mainly focuses on our users’ questions about errors, general how to’s and other related issues not clearly defined as malware infections. Over time some of these questions were asked enough times that we felt the need to create specific pages to which we can refer concerned users.

Prominent examples include questions such as:

If you are someone interested to ask such questions, please search this category first and if you can’t find anything answering your query, head on to our Contact page or to the comments section of the post you first encountered on our website.


Slack a Javascript error occurred in the main process Мac

Slack “A Javascript error occurred in the main process” “A javascript error occurred in the main process” is a recently reported Mac error that occurs when people are trying to use version 4.10 of the Slack App. Currently, it seems that...


Your system has run out of application memory Mac

Your system has run out of application memory on Mac “Your system has run out of application memory” is a Mac error caused by insufficient RAM memory that causes apps to stop responding. The “Your system has run out of application...


Accountsd Mac High CPU Catalina

The below article and guide aim to tackle the issue of macOS 10.15.7 clogging up the CPU on a number of Apple computer models. The guide provided here is meant to be helpful for Mac Mini 2018, Mac Pro, and most of the latest MacBook Pro models. The...


System Interrupts Fix

What is System Interrupts? System Interrupts is a legitimate and important Windows system process that constantly runs in the background of the system. System Interrupts (also known simply as the Interrupts process) should normally not cause any...


Best Photoshop Alternatives That You Can Try 2020

Photoshop is probably the best-known program for photo editing and many businesses and artists rely on it. Still, nowadays, there are plenty of other photo editing applications that can offer similar and, sometimes, even better functionality that...


iOS 13.6 Battery Drain Fix

iOS 13.6 Battery Drain Fix In case that the battery of your iPhone has started to drain super quickly since iOS 13.6 has been installed and it can’t last till the end of the day, then here are a few quick tips to troubleshoot and fix this...


How to Prevent Adware Attacks

What is an Adware? Adware is a category of ad-displaying applications and programs that seek to flood the users’ screens with promotional materials. Adware is mostly harmless to the system but could potentially serve as a gateway for more dangerous...


Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Computer viruses and malicious applications are everywhere these days and hackers and cybercriminals are coming up with more and more elaborate ways in which to infiltrate your computer. The harmful pieces of software are designed to wreak all sorts...


How to Prevent Malware Attacks

How to Prevent Malware Attacks? At some point in our lives, most of us have been faced with some type of malicious software (more commonly referred to as malware) or a computer virus. And if it was something minor and not too dangerous, then you...


The 5 Most Common Cybercrimes and How to Protect from Them

The 5 Most Common Cybercrimes It’s no secret that cybercriminals and cybercrime are becoming a problem of a larger and larger scale as time goes by. And the more time goes by, the quicker they evolve and the more cunning their methods become. Using...