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This category covers the “Tips” section of HowToRemove.Guide. Our team mainly focuses on our users’ questions about errors, general how to’s and other related issues not clearly defined as malware infections. Over time some of these questions were asked enough times that we felt the need to create specific pages to which we can refer concerned users.

Prominent examples include questions such as:

If you are someone interested to ask such questions, please search this category first and if you can’t find anything answering your query, head on to our Contact page or to the comments section of the post you first encountered on our website.


Safer Web virus

Safer Web Virus Safer Web is as a legitimate application, associated with the Reason Cybersecurity software suite, that offers users a safer online experience by disconnecting from dangerous websites, blocking ads and trackers, and preventing access...


ReasonLabs application

The Reason Lab Application The Reason Lab Application is a potentially unwanted software that is commonly installed via file bundles and without the user’s knowledge or informed consent. It’s commonly bundled with game emulators, such as...


RAV Antivirus

RAV Antivirus has been a topic of discussion in various tech communities, and we’ve delved deep into user experiences to understand why it’s often labeled as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Let’s explore what RAV Antivirus...


RAV Endpoint Protection

RAV Endpoint Protection RAV Endpoint Protection is an antivirus that is often seen as potentially unwanted due to several reasons that will be explored in this post. The program is developed by ReasonLabs – a legitimate cybersecurity company...


Reason Security Engine

Reason Security Engine Service The Reason Security Engine service is a process linked to the RAV Endpoint Protection antivirus program that will probably show up in your Task Manager if you have this antivirus installed on your computer. We...



OneLaunch In the vast world of the internet, we often encounter various terms and phrases that seem unfamiliar. One such term that has been causing quite a stir recently is OneLaunch. If you’ve been scratching your head, wondering what it is...



Rsenginesvc Rsenginesvc is a potentially unwanted Windows service that is commonly found on PCs with the RAV Antivirus software installed. While this service may not pose a direct threat to the security of your system and data, it is still important...



RAV VPN RAV VPN is a piece of software related to RAV Endpoint Protection, an antivirus program specializing in digital security. In your Task Manager, RAVVPN.exe can be seen as the VPN by RAV’s main executable file. According to the...


What are the Best Anti-Distraction Tools You Can Use?

Browse the Internet without any Annoying Popups There are plenty of distractions on the Internet. Some of them are our own doing; others are the handiwork of bad actors, spammers, and legitimate marketing efforts. Regardless, Internet distractions...


Adaware Web Companion Uninstall

Adaware Web companion Adaware Web Companion is a software product that is promoted as added protection to the users’ web experience. Typically, the program is part of the installer of another software product users may download from the Internet...