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Web hosting provider Exabytes hit by ransomware

Web hosting provider Exabytes is recovering from a ransomware attack, but is still in the process of restoring services. Over the weekend, a ransomware attack struck the Penang-based web hosting provider Exabytes. According to the information that...


TTEC Hit By Ransomware

The TTEC Ransomware attack TTEC, a provider of outsourced customer care and sales assistance to some of the world’s biggest companies, is contending with interruptions caused by a network security issue that came about as a consequence of a...


Apple Event 2021 September Live Bitcoin Scam

Hundreds of thousands of youtubers are being scammed into participating in a fake September giveaway dubbed “Apple Event 2021”. Multiple fake Youtube channels have popped up today showing an interview with Tim Cook and a fake interviewer...

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Squirrelwaffle Squirrelwaffle is a stealthy malware virus that quickly spreads with the help of disguise and infects users without causing any security alerts. Virus programs like Squirrelwaffle belong to theTrojan Horse category and are known for...

Browser Hijacker


Onemacusa Onemacusa is an aggressive and unwanted app that gets installed inside Chrome, Firefox, and other popular browsers and floods them with ads and page-redirects. Onemacusa also alters the starting page settings and injects advertised results...

Browser Hijacker Pop up

The Pop Up The pop up is a new program that many security experts classify as a browser hijacker. Since you are on this page, you’ve probably already noticed a stream of different pop up ads all...


Udacha Virus

Udacha Udacha is malware that attacks Windows systems seeking to block its victims’ access to the files located there. Udacha initiates a data-encryption process that restricts the access to the affected data and then tells the user to pay...

Browser Hijacker

SmartCaptchaSolve top

SmartCaptchaSolve SmartCaptchaSolve is a malware app that takes over the search engine of popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox and injects in them aggressive ads. SmartCaptchaSolve will also page-redirect you to unknown sites in an attempt to...

Browser Hijacker

Is it you in the video virus

“Is it you in the video” Messenger Virus “Is it you in the video” Messenger Virus is an app that seems to have found its way to a quite sizable number of PCs and many users are presently having difficulty removing it from...

News Bulletin

HowToRemove.Guide is proud to present its merger with is a security website dedicated to firewall protection, security solutions and vulnerability detection. In the past we have worked with the team at to effectively help users who have reached out to us with malware infections concerning website servers and entire company networks.

HowToRemove.Guide is a website dedicated to helping thousands of malware-infected users every day through self-help removal guides. Recently we expanded into general security, software reviews and backups, while the folks at became increasingly interested in the consumer malware removal niche.

This has allowed both parties to quickly realize that a partnership can benefit everyone – and the users most of all. The experience and expertise brings to the table will allow us to rapidly improve the technical help we bring to our users, which will in turn lead to better service we hope we hope will turn into a community. The services and pages on will remain on this website and will be accessible to all users who need them.