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Source code for Microsoft Azure, Exchange, and Intune stolen

Source code for Microsoft Azure, Exchange, and Intune stolen by the SolarWinds hackers. This Thursday, Microsoft announced that the malicious actors behind the infamous SolarWinds hack have managed to steal source code related to the company’s...


Centreon monitoring software exploited

Centreon monitoring software was exploited by hackers to compromise IT providers. The French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) came up with an announcement that unknown hackers have compromised enterprise servers operating the Centreon...


Ransomware gangs adopt new tactics

New techniques for money extortion are being embraced by Ransomware gangs. The money-extortion strategies that ransomware groups have been using lately have evolved significantly compared to what we have seen in the last couple of years. The...


Cyberpunk 2077 Ransomware

Cyberpunk Ransomware Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 source code was sold to an unknown purchaser. The sale happened after the developer CD Projekt failed to satisfy the hackers’ ransom demands. CD Projekt RED suffered a breach in their server...


Libgcrypt with an urgent update for the GnuPG software

Libgcrypt 1.9.0 has a severe flaw related to security and is not safe to use, according to its author Werner Koch. Libgcrypt is a cryptographic library for general purposes that is widely used by GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), a free encryption program...


Emotet botnet is finally taken down

The joint actions of law enforcement agencies and judicial entities around the world have brought the infamous EMOTET botnet down. EMOTET was one of the most long-lasting professional cybercrime services on the web. The malware has been a go-to...

Latest Removal Guides

Browser Hijacker

Maincaptchasource Virus

Maincaptchasource Maincaptchasource is a program that targets popular web browsers with the intention of filling them with sponsored ads. In order to achieve this, Maincaptchasource will typically alter some of the major settings of your favorite...


Ribd Virus

Ribd Ribd is a malware infection recognized as Ransomware that will block the most important files in your system to harass you for a ransom payment. Ribd is capable of sneaking inside the computer without symptoms and quickly encrypting the...

Browser Hijacker

Newtab.club Remove

Newtab.club According to the experts’ classification, Newtab.club is a browser hijacker. Any browser hijacker is capable of substituting your initial homepage with another one that it has been programmed to promote; delivering many pop-ups...


Phonzy Trojan

Phonzy If you suspect that a malicious program named Phonzy has found its way into your system, and is presently residing in it, you should definitely take the necessary precautions, and check your computer for any hidden threats. Phonzy is a...

Mac Virus

RunningUpdaterd will damage your computer

RunningUpdaterd will damage your computer “RunningUpdaterd will damage your computer” is a Mac Safari attachment that experts categorize as an aggressive browser-hijacking app. “RunningUpdaterd will damage your computer”...


Ygkz Virus

Ygkz Ygkz is a stealthy virus program recognized as a data-encrypting Ransomware that targets important user files with the goal to make them inaccessible. In a matter of minutes, Ygkz can lock up most of your files and then tell you that a ransom...

News Bulletin

HowToRemove.Guide is proud to present its merger with TinySoftware.com. TinySoftware.com is a security website dedicated to firewall protection, security solutions and vulnerability detection. In the past we have worked with the team at TinySoftware.com to effectively help users who have reached out to us with malware infections concerning website servers and entire company networks.

HowToRemove.Guide is a website dedicated to helping thousands of malware-infected users every day through self-help removal guides. Recently we expanded into general security, software reviews and backups, while the folks at TinySoftware.com became increasingly interested in the consumer malware removal niche.

This has allowed both parties to quickly realize that a partnership can benefit everyone – and the users most of all. The experience and expertise TinySoftware.com brings to the table will allow us to rapidly improve the technical help we bring to our users, which will in turn lead to better service we hope we hope will turn into a community. The services and pages on TinySoftware.com will remain on this website and will be accessible to all users who need them.