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Kaseya obtains a REvil Ransomware decryptor

The Kaseya Decryptor Almost a month after a massive supply-chain ransomware attack struck the Florida-based software provider Kaseya, the company said on Thursday that it has acquired a universal decryption tool to assist clients unlock computers...


XLoader Malware evolved to infect Mac OS

The XLoader Malware In an article published on Wednesday, Check Point Research (CPR) says that there is a new strain of the notorious FormBook stealer that is being distributed under the name of XLoader. The study reveals that FormBook was stopped...


WiFiDemon – the newest iPhone vulnerability

The WiFiDemon vulnerability A recent security report claims that the Wi-Fi network name bug, which is said to disable an iPhone’s networking capability entirely, also has remote code execution capabilities and was patched quietly by Apple...


Cloudstar victim of a highly sophisticated ransomware attack

The Cloudstar Ransomware Attack Cloudstar, a popular cloud-service provider operating in the USA and providing technology for hundreds of title companies and lenders, has become a victim of a sophisticated ransomware attack. According to the...

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Mobile Threats

Weather Home App Malware

Weather Home App Weather Home App is an Android application that is installed stealthily to divert the browser of the infected smart device into an ad-generating and page-redirecting tool.  Once it gets nestled inside your smartphone or tablet...


Great Discover

Great Discover Great Discover is a cryptocurrency-mining malware program that uses the resources (RAM, CPU, GPU) of your computer to generate cryptocurrencies for its creators. Great Discover can be used for mining Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum...


LockBit 2.0 Ransomware

LockBit 2.0 LockBit 2.0 is a Ransomware infection developed to make its creators wealthy through a money-extortion scheme. LockBit 2.0 uses file encryption to convert user files into unreadable bits of data and then demands a ransom for providing...


AvosLocker Ransomware

AvosLocker AvosLocker belongs to the category of ransomware cryptoviruses. This means that AvosLocker encrypts the data stored on its victims’ computers, making it inaccessible to anyone not in possession of a special key. This special key is...


Dllhost.exe Virus

Dllhost.exe The Trojans Horse infections are at the top of the list of the most dangerous and most widespread forms of malware, and Dllhost.exe is one of them. If you are reading this, you have probably come to this page because Dllhost.exe has...


Hhqa Virus

Hhqa Hhqa is a money-extortion software from the Ransomware type that can take hostage important user data and demand a ransom to liberate it. To perform this, Hhqa secretly applies military-grade encryption to the files stored on the infected...

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HowToRemove.Guide is proud to present its merger with is a security website dedicated to firewall protection, security solutions and vulnerability detection. In the past we have worked with the team at to effectively help users who have reached out to us with malware infections concerning website servers and entire company networks.

HowToRemove.Guide is a website dedicated to helping thousands of malware-infected users every day through self-help removal guides. Recently we expanded into general security, software reviews and backups, while the folks at became increasingly interested in the consumer malware removal niche.

This has allowed both parties to quickly realize that a partnership can benefit everyone – and the users most of all. The experience and expertise brings to the table will allow us to rapidly improve the technical help we bring to our users, which will in turn lead to better service we hope we hope will turn into a community. The services and pages on will remain on this website and will be accessible to all users who need them.