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The Differences Between Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus programs.

Most online users nowadays have a firm grasp of what an Anti-Virus program is, but unfortunately, the same majority is surprised to find out that there is another class of security software, called Anti-Malware. And these two groups serve different functions.

Here’s the story, in short:

Antivirus vs antimalware

  • Anti-malware programs: Think of them as a body’s immune system: they react when there’s trouble, but they don’t stop the trouble from getting in such as my quick converter.
  • Anti-virus programs: Think of them as a fortress – it’s hard to breach the walls, but if there’s a hole and the enemy gets in, they are useless… If the anti-virus doesn’t catch the problem, it may take weeks for the patch to come in and fix the hole.

We are a website dedicated to fighting malware, so we can give you a pretty good idea how to choose an anti-malware program. Here are the key things you may want to look for, from most important to least important:

There are several other very good anti-malware programs out there. SpyHunter is the only one we offer on our website, but we really want to help you. SpyHunter is definitely not the only good anti-malware program out there, although we do believe it to be the best one. Here is a short list of other anti-malware programs that gave gained a reputation as trustworthy. If you don’t like SpyHunter, definitely check these out:


Kaspersky anti-virus 



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