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.Sglh Virus

.Sglh .Sglh is a highly malicious Ransomware infection that seeks to extort money from its victims in the form of untraceable bitcoins. In order to blackmail them, .Sglh applies encryption to a list of commonly used files that are found in the...

Windows Virus

Jupyter Malware

Jupyter Jupyter is malicious software that can run a process known as keylogging to log everything the victim types using their keyboard. This way, Jupyter can obtain data about passwords, login credentials, and other sensitive information which can...

Windows Virus

Charming Tab Virus

Charming Tab Charming Tab is a rogue browser hijacker extension that redirects users’ home pages to charming–tab.com without their consent. Charming Tab uses sponsored Bing search results to return its queries, which is completely safe...

Windows Virus

test v1

    Table: SUMMARY: Name Newmode.biz Type Browser Hijacker Danger Level Medium (nowhere near threats like Ransomware, but still a security risk) Symptoms Two common symptoms are unwelcome and unauthorized changes in the browser and sudden...