Brandon Skies

Brandon is a researcher and content creator in the fields of cyber-security and virtual privacy. Years of experience enable him to provide readers with important information and adequate solutions for the latest software and malware problems.

Mobile Threats

Hastopic Virus

Hastopic Hastopic is an Android version of the widespread browser hijacker software category – apps that take over one’s browser and trigger automatic page redirects in it. Hastopic is likely to gain a wide range of permissions on your...

Mac Virus

hpPreProcessing.filter will damage your computer

hpPreProcessing.filter hpPreProcessing.filter is an ad-injecting browser hijacker that takes over Chrome and Safari on Mac computers and forces them to generate ads. hpPreProcessing.filter also makes search engine changes and replaces the default...

Mac Virus

Hp Device Monitoring.framework Malware

Hp Device Monitoring.framework Hp Device Monitoring.framework is a notification on Mac that might be the result of a conflict between your antivirus software and the most recent Mac OS version, but it can also be caused by legitimate malware issues...

Mac Virus


Productimprovementstudy.hptask Productimprovementstudy.hptask is an annoying pop-up most like caused by issues with your antivirus software. However, in some instances a genuine malware might cause this message to pop-up.  Productimprovementstudy...

Browser Hijacker

News09.biz Virus

News09.biz News09.biz is a browser-hijacking app that targets the browsers of Windows computers and aims to promote different sites on their pages. News09.biz advertises the sites of its sponsors by automatically page-redirecting the browser to them...

Mac Virus

Division Initiator Mac

Division Initiator Division Initiator is a junkware extension for popular Mac browsers that installs in the browser and modifies its settings without the approval of the user. The purpose of Division Initiator is to hijack your browser and use it...

Browser Hijacker

Nano Defender Malware

Nano Defender Nano Defender is a browser-tracking malware app for Chrome, and other popular browsing programs for Windows that will take over your browser once installed. As soon as Nano Defender gets added to the targeted browser, it will begin...


.Efji Virus

.Efji .Efji is a malware program that can block the access to your personal files in a matter of minutes using a military-grade encryption algorithm. Once .Efji puts its encryption on your data, it will show you a ransom-demanding message for the...

Mac Virus

Market Service Mac

Market Service Market Service is a Mac app that is labeled as unwanted because it forces the main browser in the system to automatically page-redirect the user to unfamiliar pages. Market Service can also change elements in the browser and/or add...


.Mmpa Virus

.Mmpa .Mmpa is a very serious and complex computer virus of the widespread Ransomware file-encrypting family and its goal is to block the access to your personal files. .Mmpa can do that through the use of a military-grade encryption algorithm that...