How to stay safe on Social Media?

Social networks are an integral part of our modern day life. With all these pocket-size gadgets in our hands, staying connected is easier than ever. Social sharing is growing rapidly and more and more easily accessible information is being made available, reaching an increasingly larger number of people.As a result of this globally spread communication, many people and businesses benefit from quick information sharing. 

It has become so fast, easy and simple to write a post, like a pic, click a link and share it out, that it is just like a kid’s play. It is convenient and just on a click distance to stay in touch anytime and anywhere. So easy, that it could turn out to be addictive too. Users are encouraged to share everything – where they are, what they are doing, whom they are with and so on. They share personal information publically and just have their whole life exposed as if in an online “diary”. And if in the past people kept diaries in secret, now it is modern to have it all shared with the crowd and collect likes to become popular.

The catch here is that, following the encouragement to share information on social media, people easily forget what is OK to be shared and what is not. Here is why. With just a few clicks, one could make some sensitive information available to the public, and by doing this to expose his data to potential online risks such as identity theft, personal data theft, spying and more.

It is a good idea to mention that not everyone on social media is honest about what he is sharing online. Social networks generally require users to fill in their true identity, but people with not so noble intentions may use these platforms to create false profiles and hide behind them while doing their criminal deeds.  Bear in mind that just because every fact you share about you is true, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people, who have a good reason to hide their real intentions and identity. Maybe you should ask yourself do you know how to stay safe on Social Media? If you are not really sure, here we have prepared a few guidelines to follow to ensure your social networks’ safety.

stay social safe

In this digital world, cybercriminals, unfortunately, find their ways to benefit from the advantages that social networks provide. Hackers use the social media ocean of information as a great source to achieve their criminal goals, steal information, spread malware and abuse these new technological advances.  That’s why our “How to remove” team decided to give you these few useful tips for staying safe while being sociable. Do you have something to add? Feel free to write in the comments and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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