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Adware programs such as My Shop Coupon can be quite annoying as well as they could potentially lead to certain more serious issues with your PC which is why one must always make sure that this sort of software is kept away from their computer. Programs that fall under this category are known for getting installed and added to the user’s browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and filling them with irritating web content such as ads, pop-ups, banners, box messages, intrusive offers and others.

Here, we will go over one recently released PC application which shares a lot of similar characteristics with the Adware program type. The name of the application is My Shop Coupon and down below you can learn more about what it can do, what it is used for, whether it is dangerous for your system and how you can ensure that it doesn’t get installed on your PC in future. We have also added a guide at the bottom of this post for anyone who already has My Shop Coupon on their machine and wishes to take it down. Note that it is advisable to first read through the next few paragraphs in order to obtain a better grasp of what Adware actually is and then move on to the removal manual if you need to use it.

Are Adware programs helpful?

Normally, Adware like My Shop Coupon is considered an undesirable form of software. However, there are quite a lot of program which could be considered Adware, yet still provide the user with some actual functionality and simply use the ads as a way for their developers to gain financial compensation while still keeping the program free-for-use. That said, there are also instances where an Adware would have little to no actual functionality and the only purpose of the application would be to profit its creators while pretty much disregarding the needs of the actual user. Furthermore, the sort of Adware that has no real use for the customer can make one’s browsing experience rather unpleasant and even, in some cases, lead to more serious problems related to the system’s safety and security. All in all, if an Adware program is being overly-intrusive without giving you anything in return, it is surely something that ought to be removed from your machine ASAP.

Dangers of Adware

Applications like My Shop Coupon are not the same as actual serious PC virus threats like a Ransomware virus or a Trojan horse. Most of the time Adware is a mere annoyance compared to the real forms of virus software. That said, it is not impossible for Adware to make your computer more vulnerable to hacker attacks, especially if you aren’t careful around it. This is why people who have had the misfortune of landing such a pesky program ought to make sure that they stay away from any content that gets displayed by the unwanted application. Do not interact with any of the adverts, pop-ups and banners that you might see getting displayed inside your browser when the Adware is on your computer. You do not know what might be waiting on the other side of the irritating advertising materials – it could be a legitimate online offer but it could also be a shady and potentially hazardous website with unreliable content.

Adware distribution and how to avoid these programs

No one likes having their machine cluttered with obstructive and irritating programs that serve no actual purpose or that, at the very least, have much better substitutes that are nowhere near as unpleasant and intrusive. In order to help you avoid future installation of programs like My Shop Coupon, we will give you a couple of tips for keeping your personal computer safe and clean.

  • First of all, be sure to keep an eye out for e-mails and social network messages that could be potential spam. Normally, it is not that difficult to figure out if a new e-mail or message is spam. As long as it looks suspicious and contains a link or file attachment that you do not know if you can trust, it should be deemed potential spam and should therefore be avoided.
  • Another crucial piece of advice is keeping away from websites that might be illegal and that could have hazardous contents. Any site or page that might not be trustworthy you should regard as a potential security risk. Avoiding those is essential!
  • Next, it is always a good idea to have a specialized anti-malware tool to keep unwanted and potentially threatening programs away from your PC so consider installing one such software tool on your PC.
  • And finally, be on the lookout for file bundles – those are programs that have an optional install\s in their setup menus. Oftentimes, this is where Adware developers hide their products. If the user does not see or ignores the optional install and does not uncheck it, it would get installed along the main program, and if the bundled application is an Adware, you’d have to later go through the process of removing it which is oftentimes not as easy as uninstalling a regular program.


Name My Shop Coupon
Type Adware
Detection Tool

My Shop Coupon Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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