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Recently, there have been a lot of reports from both users and virtual security experts with regards to a specific type of malware viruses that belong to the Trojan Horse category. This particular kind of Trojan is focused on spamming users with phishing e-mails that are supposed to trick people into paying money in bitcoins for something that they really do not need to pay for. Here is how this scheme generally works: an e-mail is send to the user claiming that their computer has been compromised and that some sensitive personal info has been acquired by the hackers who threaten to post it online if the user doesn’t pay a certain amount of money. Usually, such claims about the user’s data having been collected by the hackers are totally false and you shouldn’t fall for their bait. However, if you’ve received such an e-mail, there might still be some unwanted and potentially dangerous software on your PC such as the “Your email/account has been hacked” Trojan Horse. Though an experienced user would immediately spot the scam, many more gullible customers might fall for it and provide their money to the scammers.

In some the cases, a Trojan virus that has previously infected the targeted computer might be the cause for the phishing e-mails received by the user. In the current article, we will focus the so-called “Your email/account has been hacked” Trojan Horse which might also be used in such schemes. If you have recently received this type of spam phishing e-mails, then you might indeed have “Your email/account has been hacked” inside of your machine, in which case it would be a good idea to remove it from your computer ASAP as there might also be other harmful consequences in addition to the misleading online letters. The next guide should help all those of you who have “Your email/account has been hacked” on their computers have the malware removed and fully eliminated.

The e-mails might be only the beginning

Though it’s already harmful and hazardous enough to have such misleading letters send to you, remember that this is likely not the only problem that “Your email/account has been hacked” might cause. Trojan viruses like this one can sometimes be used for multiple tasks meaning that you might also face system damage, infection with other viruses such as Ransomware and Spyware and theft of personal information if an infection of the Trojan Horse category has infiltrated your PC system. That’s why you really must not waste any time and focus on removing the infection while there’s still not any significant damage done to your machine. Also, as we said above, if you receive any sketchy e-mails that claim you need to send money to whomever, do not trust them and simply ignore and delete them. In addition, remember to stay away from shady sites and obscure download sources and only download legal and reliable software in order to prevent any more malicious programs from entering your computer. Additionally, never leave your computer without a reliable security program installed on it as oftentimes your vigilance and caution might not be enough to keep Trojans and other nasty infections away from the PC.


Name “Your email/account has been hacked”
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove Your email/account has been hacked Email Bitcoin Virus

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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