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Browser Hijacker

Stanleyde.com Scam

Stanleyde.com Among all the applications that are available online, there is a specific type of software that is famous for its ability to generate and display a huge amount of ads, banners, pop-ups, and new tabs on the user’s screen. This...

Browser Hijacker

Iplogger.org Malware

Iplogger.org Iplogger.org is a browser hijacking program that can be accused of redirecting users to sponsored web locations and introducing changes to their web browsers. The people who have Iplogger.org on their computers mostly complain about...

Browser Hijacker


What is Eaes.2track.info? Eaes.2track.info is a potentially unwanted and malicious program that operates as a browser hijacker and typically makes changes to the settings of popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. Eaes.2track.info or...