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Services and Controller app

Services and Controller app – High CPU Fix Services and Controller app is a legitimate Microsoft Windows process, but sometimes can be a target of a malicious attack and cause the process to increase the CPU usage of your PC.  This program is...


Xiaomi/MIUI 12 white line on screen Fix

How to Fix white line on Screen? If you own a Xiaomi smartphone that uses the latest version of Xiaomi’s own Android-based OS, MIUI 12, then you might have noticed an irritating white line at the bottom of your display. This line only appears...


Safari can’t establish a secure connection to server fix

Safari can’t open the page  A common problem lots of Mac users encounter with their Safari browsers is when the following message pops-up on their screen when they are trying to visit a specific site: “Safari can’t establish a secure...



“PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA” PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA is a system-crashing Blue Screen of Death error that causes the affected computer to suddenly shut down and restart. The PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA error message is displayed on a blue...


WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration

WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration “WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration” is a commonly encountered Windows 10 error that indicates a problem with the computer’s Internet connection. The “WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP...