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Mac Virus

How to Get Rid of Safe Finder

  Safe Finder Safe Finder is a potentially unwanted application aimed at promoting fake web search engines. It would typically infiltrate a user’s system without the user’s knowledge or consent. People often refer to Safe Finder as...

Mac Virus

MPlayerX Mac

MPlayerX MPlayerX is a type of software application that targets the browsing programs on Mac computers. Once in the system, MPlayerX integrates with the main web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox) in order to facilitate its advertising...

Mac Virus

Central Rush Mac

  Central Rush Central Rush is a type of rogue software that is disguised as an add-on for popular browsing programs like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The creators of Central Rush have designed it to infiltrate the browser and get the user...

Browser Hijacker


Safefinder In today’s article we are going to talk about SafeFinder. Experts classify this program as an exemplary browser hijacker. What it could do to you is possibly annoy you by modifying your browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome and/or Explorer)...