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How to get rid of Search Marquis Mac

Search Marquis Search Marquis is a commonly-encountered browser hijacker for Mac devices that enters the browser unnoticed and introduces unwelcome changes to it. Search Marquis is known for adding a search engine of the same name to the browser and...

Mac Virus

Get-user-id Pop up Mac

Get-user-id Get-user-id is a potentially unwanted application that seeks to “hijack” commonly used Mac browsers in order to effectively redirect traffic from them to pre-defined websites. Usually, the first thing that Get-user-id does when installed...

Mac Virus

MPlayerX Mac

  MPlayerX MPlayerX is a type of software application that targets the browsing programs on Mac computers. Once in the system, MPlayerX integrates with the main web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox) in order to facilitate its advertising...