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How to get rid of Search Pulse

  What is Search Pulse? Search Pulse is a browser redirecting app that mostly targets Safari and Chrome Mac users. Search Pulse applies changes to your browser’s homepage, search engine and it will redirect your searches. You can remove...

Mac Virus

Central Rush Mac

  Central Rush Central Rush is a type of rogue software that is disguised as an add-on for popular browsing programs like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The creators of Central Rush have designed it to infiltrate the browser and get the user...

Mac Virus

Area Product Mac

  Area Product Area Product is a Mac browser add-on with ad-generating abilities that is known for getting installed in the browser and tampering with its settings without asking for permission. Area Product affects and changes the homepage...

Mac Virus

Central Here Mac

  Central Here Central Here is an undesirable extension for different Mac browsers that is able to modify the browser it’s attached to without a user’s approval. Central Here mainly seeks to promote some ad-heavy sites, which is why it will...

Mac Virus

Landslide Search Virus

  Landslide Search Landslide Search is an unwanted app programmed to take over your Mac browser’s settings and introduce changes in them that haven’t been approved by you. The main goal of Landslide Search is to get you redirected to...