What is an Anti-Spyware Software?

Anti-Spyware Software

Anti-Spyware, anti-virus, anti-malware and similar terms may be quite confusing for users who are new to cyber security. In general, all these programs are developed to deal with computer threats. However, it can be difficult to differentiate between them and decide which one is best for you when you want to effectively protect your computer. What users should pay most attention to when comparing and choosing between such programs is the range of the viruses they can detect and the technology they employ to do that.


Anti-spyware tools can protect you from multiple threats.


Anti-spyware programs, in particular, are virus-fighting programs that aim at helping users eliminate malware and protect themselves specifically from spyware – viruses capable of stealing private information, confidential data, finances and other details that should not be accessed. These programs are especially effective in detecting processes that keep track of user activity or their actions. But anti-spyware tools prove effective not only against spyware. However, there are many other threats these programs can easily remove from an infected computer. The most common types that they can detect pretty effectively include:

Of course, anti-spyware software has its limitations, so it may not be as effective with the removal of more complex malicious programs such as Trojans or Rootkits. That’s why it is advisable to invest in both, sophisticated anti-spyware software and a separate reliable antivirus program that can ensure the best protection for your personal computer from more advanced threats. Keep in mind, though, that just like antivirus programs, anti-spyware tools need regular updating in order to be effective against the latest spyware threats. If the program is not updated to its latest version, there is a great chance that the newest viruses will not be detected.

Fake anti-spyware tools

There are many fake anti-spyware tools which look like regular security tools but their operation is aimed at something different. Having such software in the system may rather compromise its security than improve it. A fake anti-spyware program may track information about the user’s most visited websites,and frequently viewed pages, and also collect different types of personal data from the computer. It can also constantly display false-positives about non-existing threats and notifications about computer attacks that require you to purchase the “full version” of the rough anti-spyware program in order to eliminate the threats. Therefore, it is always a good idea to do a little research before downloading and installing new anti-spyware on your computer, as well as keep an eye on the program’s behavior after that. Fortunately, it is possible to remove the fake anti-spyware program by using a reliable antivirus application.

What anti-spyware programs should you invest in?

Despite the fact that there are plenty of potentially dangerous programs on the web, there is still a great number of reliable anti-spyware tools to choose from. Experts advise that users should invest in  a professional anti-spyware program from reputable developers that can effectively guarantee the timely removal of various computer threats from the infected devices. Such a program should be able to quite precisely recognize a particular pest that is trying to keep track of your activities, disable it by deleting its supporting files, registry entries, and other related components and eventually clean the infected computer.

Of course, users should be aware of the limitations of such pieces of software and should combine them with other anti-malware and antivirus software for maximum protection. This move will ensure that no malicious programs can stay in the system and attempt to violate their privacy or harm their computer. A good tip if you are seeking how to protect all your devices is to choose an anti-spyware tool that flawlessly works on PCs, Macs and smartphones.


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