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This category covers the “Tips” section of HowToRemove.Guide. Our team mainly focuses on our users’ questions about errors, general how to’s and other related issues not clearly defined as malware infections. Over time some of these questions were asked enough times that we felt the need to create specific pages to which we can refer concerned users.

Prominent examples include questions such as:

If you are someone interested to ask such questions, please search this category first and if you can’t find anything answering your query, head on to our Contact page or to the comments section of the post you first encountered on our website.


How To Reset/Refresh Your Browser Settings

Navigation: 1: How to Reset Google Chrome’s Settings. 2: How To Refresh Firefox. 3: How To Reset Internet Explorer. In this article we are going to show you how to Reset the Browser Settings of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The reason...


How to enter in Windows Safe Mode

  This guide is designed to help users easily enter Windows Safe Mode in case they are feeling uncomfortable or unsure doing it on their own. Following the steps below should cover everything you need to do. If for some reason they do not...


PC Optimization Tips

  Introduction This is a guide dedicated to helping users optimize and speed up their system in a (hopefully) dramatic fashion. All of the tweaks here are small nudges that pose no threat to the safety of your PC – they are 100% tested...